Becoming The News

Jesse U.
2,914 Views 1 decade ago

How shitty would it be to report on something and have the same thing happen to you, while your reporting it?

  • jonniecrow August 25, 2006

    No News become the News!

  • princessara August 25, 2006

    blah blah

  • kkkkilla August 25, 2006

    10 points

  • calibaldie August 25, 2006

    I think he was screaming of fuck oh fuck.

  • bacord18 August 25, 2006

    what did the car run into? People? it was really hard to make it out..

  • jdarren August 25, 2006

    right place wrong time

  • stealmywheels August 25, 2006

    i bet those camera men had all the fucking theater lights on and shit and blinding all the motorist so thing can have a story because of their shitty raitings

  • douthinkicare August 26, 2006

    well that fucking sucked fucker just lost it

  • youngblood48 August 26, 2006

    40 points....i think it was a raghead......

  • kissieface3769 August 26, 2006

    ^^^ ooooooo is it ok to laugh at that?? fuck it.. .am going to. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA =)

  • eyenbackofhead August 26, 2006

    the truth is i think that kids need to learn how to drive in all kinds of weather i think that would stop alot of mishaps on the road!!!!!!

  • juggalo4ever August 26, 2006


  • biggus_dickus August 27, 2006

    Is that in Japan? He probably skidded on a pile of shit in the road if it was.

  • boydy August 27, 2006

    i have only been drivin for a week, and in the worst of weathers (very thick fog and pissing down rain) and it nearly impossible to lose control of your car going in a straight line. i just cant wait for the snow and ice

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