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posted by Jesse U on 8/31/2006

Winning In Style

Pretty funny clip, I think he even caught Regis off guard.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
jd8coke tried to rape me
posted on: 08-29-06 @ 4:11 PM

YEA you go smart boy!!!! dude must be a real history buff huh fellas?
posted on: 08-31-06 @ 12:20 PM

I knew that. I am old enough to have been watching then (Laugh IN not Millionare) and I was.
posted on: 08-31-06 @ 12:39 PM

yea are white mean are very smart join the white race and you can win a million dollars to yea yea white powere k.k.k.
posted on: 08-31-06 @ 12:48 PM

Whew! That was some crazyshit! nope
posted on: 08-31-06 @ 1:04 PM

Id like to phone my dad and use my life line. rrriiiinggg riinnggg hello. Dad. yea son. Keep my bed, my blow up doll, my dirty sheets and my porn flics im moving out of the baseman dude im going to win one million dollars you freeking looser.
posted on: 08-31-06 @ 1:11 PM

oh old t.v. clip......wow
posted on: 08-31-06 @ 2:40 PM

dady i got your rent money can i get my porn movies back (((((((( REPLY THIS IF YOU THINK THIS SHIT IS FUNNY)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
posted on: 08-31-06 @ 3:00 PM

really that is winning with style when u know the winning question u know!!! just like a line backer knows when the pockets open he can make a sack! but as far as crazyshit worthy i think we all need to help jay and send him a bunch of shit to keep the vids alive cause it is getting more and more boring! right fellas?
posted on: 08-31-06 @ 4:30 PM

pompous fuck
posted on: 08-31-06 @ 5:49 PM

I saw it when it first aired (mind you no one had won the Million yet)and it was cool as shit. I thought he didn’t know it and it caught me off guard.
posted on: 08-31-06 @ 5:51 PM

haha..awesome.. ya know all the black people that always say, "stupid white people"...or "only white people would do something like that"... well, this video pretty much shut them up :) not to be racist, but i think this is the first video on this website that has a white person doing something productive! that gives me hope :)
posted on: 08-31-06 @ 10:48 PM

charlie murphy
they are coming out with a new TV show like this, only its called "who wants to get off welfare" of course, the only contestants are niggers.. unfortunately the first question everytime is always the final one... "for 1 million dollars, pookie.. tell us who your father is?"........
posted on: 09-01-06 @ 1:30 AM

hey eyenbackofhead whatta ya say we send that video of me and your mom? now that is some crazy shit!
posted on: 09-01-06 @ 2:07 AM

charlie murphy your brother eddie called and said he was gonna put a cap in your back-stabbing ass. haha
posted on: 09-01-06 @ 9:34 AM

can we stop say "IM NOT RACIST" what a fucking joke!
posted on: 09-01-06 @ 3:29 PM

bacord18 no thats not what we say,I think he was pretty smart!and I beg to differ a black person would’ve did exactly that,it was called being smooth.
posted on: 09-02-06 @ 7:31 AM

^^haha.. nice brownsugar.. for some reason when i think of "being smooth" i think of that taco bell guy doing the "its good to go" gesture.. and to douthinkicare, i was say "not to be racist", as in don’t take it the wrong way.. never said i wasn’t racist.. b/c i can’t stand towel heads..later meow
posted on: 09-02-06 @ 12:09 PM

posted on: 09-03-06 @ 6:56 AM

Ahaha. Nice. Winning in styyylee!
posted on: 09-04-06 @ 7:26 AM

I woulda been like "fuck you,dad,I’m a millionaire!!"
posted on: 03-06-07 @ 3:28 AM

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