Talk-show Dude Eats Shit

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Jesus, how high do they have that stage? That fucking dude is just laying there, with broken ribs and shit. Looks like he fell about 30 feet!

  • djdilja September 18, 2006

    dumbass, bet thatll be on every blooper show for the next 100 years!

  • mermaid_w_legz September 18, 2006

    see chinkie go sinkie right to ra ground froor...

  • assholistic September 18, 2006

    I agree that talkshows are so fucking lame,, this livens them up abit.. Hey, if you want to see where we are going.. IE.. Established culture, with no real competition for a long time. Read about the romans and what they ended up showing in the Colliseums.. Mass bestiality, Mass Gladiator conflicts. Recreatoins of ledgendary battles. Really No limits. We will get there. Just hope to hang around long enough to see it.

  • jimdirk September 18, 2006

    damn you deadwrong thats what i was gonna say. good one mermaid.

  • pnutt September 18, 2006

    love the upskirt stage...where do I sign up for camera man?

  • calibaldie September 18, 2006

    was that drew carey?????????????

  • eyenbackofhead September 18, 2006

    damn sure looked like him

  • findher69her September 18, 2006


  • cap-n_obvious September 18, 2006

    congratulations!!! you just won a brand new lawsuit!!!!

  • pablosdog September 18, 2006

    first he tries riding a skateboard drunk and now this. He'll probably never leave West Virginia again! Go home and brush your tooth dude.

  • imbetu September 18, 2006

    He fell so hard his head got stuck up his when they pulled it out his tooth got lost in his asshole.......Oh the lawyers are gonna love this one!!!

  • pablosdog September 19, 2006

    hey head in the clouds ^^^ do not advertise your piece-of-shit website unless you pay this one money! fucking stupid meatcurtain.

  • douthinkicare September 19, 2006

    ahahaahaha and the music keeps going LOL

  • xantradorn December 6, 2007

    he just wanted to get a peek up the pretty lady's skirt... what a pervo

  • reddog122657 December 15, 2008

    That sucks,for him.

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