One Hot Ride

Jesse U.
5,127 Views 1 decade ago

All that hot steam, all that rubber. That almost sounds like a bad porn video.

  • badger5 September 20, 2006

    i got my knee down round a corner once,...trouble is everything else went down soon after,........

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  • kkkkilla September 20, 2006

    Git the marshmellows Bubba. Hey EYE!!! Blacks do this shit too,but widout da fire. Don't you ever watch any Rap videos???

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  • king_dingaling September 20, 2006

    I was waiting for the guy in front to get that ass ran over.

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  • pnutt September 20, 2006

    HAHAHA I was too ^^^

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  • jimdirk September 20, 2006

    hey i can see this on everyday TV. this is not good crazyshit material, just a bike on fire. boring.

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  • diducthat September 20, 2006


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  • bacord18 September 20, 2006

    betcha that guy lost some eye brows.. and like king and pnutt said, i was expecting the tire to catch and shoot both of them 100 feet down the that would be some crazy shit..

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  • findher69her September 20, 2006


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  • 4leftturnsx500 September 20, 2006


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  • eyenbackofhead September 20, 2006

    hey if he would have took off when it caught fire he could have used ghost rider as a nickname! ok that was lame i cant wait to see that movie though i loved that comic book when i was a kid

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  • belarius September 20, 2006

    what would have been really funny is if the bike took off, ran over his friend, making him shit, piss, and puke everywhere while his face is on fire, then the bike spins out of control, the rider's pubes caught on fire, he ran into the street got hit by a taco truck driven by a black guy named Wang Choi Johnson, the bike is still spinning, burning, and blowing smoke everywhere and finally flies into the crowd where it lands with a huge explosion on Teamshowoff's naked spread eagle chinese mama and her big green dildo.

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  • _cantgetright September 20, 2006

    I thought I was gonna see some crazy wheelies or sumthing. B O R I N G!! zzzZZzzzZZZzzzZ

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  • itchy September 20, 2006

    At least TEAMFUCKFACE has not ranted on about how its time to join the BumJabbersClan or what ever he goes on about

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  • calibaldie September 21, 2006

    What a dipshit my friend Jason just wrecked his 2006 hyabusa and smashed the back of his helmet all the way in fuckers lucky to be alive.

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  • teamshowof September 21, 2006

    yea yea yea i sucked his dick afterwards for the rest of that grape soda yea yea yea then he fisted me while i looked at pictures of my dad yea yea YEA!!

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  • 4leftturnsx500 September 21, 2006

    ^^^Thanks son! You make me so proud!

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  • deadfred September 21, 2006

    What a dumb shit!!

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  • sleeko September 21, 2006

    I'm really surprised that hasn't happened more often. The bikes exhaust system is meant to be cooled by air movement. RPM and no air movement = POOF!

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  • zedex September 21, 2006

    Where the fire occurred there is nothing but metals of one form or another. My suspicion is that through high reving, the engine puked out oil from the head gasket or cam cover gasket and the oil hit the over heated head pipes.

    Ever wonder where these people get that kind of money to just waste high dollar stuff like that?

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  • digitalechoz September 21, 2006

    More money than brains!

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  • tebo78 September 22, 2006

    What's really funny is that there is a CONCRETE WALL 2 feet from them. All they have to do is put the front wheel up against that, the dipshit buddy didn't have to burn!!!!!!!! ha

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