New Tire Guy Wanted

Jesse U.
3,213 Views 1 decade ago

The old tire guy just lost his job. How embarrasing is this shit? Someone needs to get fired.

  • gogelaid September 28, 2006

    one more!

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  • sheepshagga September 29, 2006

    Hey gogelaid. I don't know whether to call you goggle eyed or go get laid.. Whatever, did you see that shit?

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  • pnutt September 29, 2006

    should have gone with the more expensive parts! Thats why I dont go to Pep Boys anymore!

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  • briandee September 29, 2006

    He drove the wheels off that car.

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  • dr_retard September 29, 2006

    He just wanted a Harley after he saw the "IT'S ALL ABOUT RESPECT" clip

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  • 4leftturnzx500 September 29, 2006

    man, no more pacalolo for the tire dude man.

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  • digitalechoz September 29, 2006

    I guess his car went faster than the wheels

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  • imbetu September 30, 2006

    the tires fell off,,,umhuh

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  • youngblood48 September 30, 2006

    why cant this ever happen to johnson's car....

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  • 4leftturnsx500 September 30, 2006

    ^^^If it did he would be in the pits in front of his pit box, and when he came back on to the track, there would be a caution and he'd be the lucky dog!

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  • commoneagle October 2, 2006

    what no comment from teamshowoff tird eater amazing.

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  • hatedogs October 2, 2006

    I can't get enough of these little shitboxes like all you little buttfuckers drive either getting the piss beat out of 'em or flying to pieces on their own. Every one of you little cocksuckers who drive a fucking jap car need it crammed up your disgusting, skidmark-ravaged little bungholes, goddamn your fucking eyes. And for the record, fuck your goddamn filthy, cat turd eating dogs too.

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