Know Your Limits

Jesse U.
7,363 Views 1 decade ago

THat's right bitches know your limits!!! Don't try and talk about shit that you know you have no idea about. Go play with a soft pussy.

  • findher69her October 1, 2006


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  • jorgeboricuan October 1, 2006

    all of's true! women please keep cooking and cleaning the house ahh and don't forget to change the baby's dipes. Ja Ja And last but not least, the night simple words, obey the men!

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  • pnutt October 1, 2006

    Damn then bevis and butthead from the last vid are women with their retarded asses. Pretty funny vid though.

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  • arubiano October 1, 2006


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  • simon154 October 1, 2006

    Harry Enfield kicks ass.

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  • 4leftturnsx500 October 1, 2006

    Let me get this straight...This means all beautiful women are dumb uneducated twits?

    Hum??? It was a much better world when we men kept our women at home to clean and cook for days they dress up in our suits, go out and make equal pay then come home and say...FUCK YOU, I WORKED ALL DAY! MAKE YOUR OWN SUPPER! In the meantime, they were at work sucking off their boss to keep their job. When you ask for a blowjob, they shut you down like a union factory when a scab shows up! I remember the good ole days when all women wore could sit under the steps and get a free wonder there's so many gays...the women are like men, but they treat us like shit!!!

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  • teamshowoff October 1, 2006

    yea bitch shut your fucking mouth or ill put my foot in it yea yea we are the men of the future and all you bitches will obey us or we will give your white bitch ass to the niggers yea yea you know that those blac apes love the white ponanae yea yea kill all bitches that dont listen yea yea yea

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  • imbetu October 1, 2006

    lefty...a fine job

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  • atom October 2, 2006

    I like it!

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  • jdarren October 2, 2006


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  • wsop~whitey October 2, 2006

    teamshowoff is gay.............

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  • deadfred October 2, 2006

    They may be dumb but for older chicks they are hot!!

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  • commoneagle October 2, 2006

    teamclownasstic you shut the fuck up dick headed dipshit motherfucking weeiner. you belong in a 35 foot deep torture pit with a dilldo in you but and a tird in you mouth.

    ..................................................truth be told The master race is not really a race at all… women are the true masters hands down they got us where we think…. With our dicks.

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  • geargrinder65 October 2, 2006

    That video is all fucked up....Had he handled it like a REAL MAN she would've showed up at the next dinner party with both eyes dotted....That reminds me..what do you tell a women with 2 black eyes???...Nuthin you dun told the bitch twice!!!!

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  • calibaldie October 3, 2006

    ding ding ding he hit it right on the dot. dumb ass bitches.

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  • tookalook October 3, 2006

    And thats how your dick gets cut off!

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  • commoneagle October 3, 2006

    findher69her wrote:

    BLACK AND WHITE GAY VIDEO!! ..............................

    finder69derclown you need to shut the fuck up calling shit gay all the time too. it is so fucking stupid that it is putrid.

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  • redbush October 5, 2006

    It's sad, when men think women only belong at home, I think times haved changed men, get use to it , or just sit there like little babies and wine. gezz it's 2006 not 1950 any more..

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  • schoolboy December 22, 2006


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