Piercing Nipples At Parties

Jesse U.
41,886 Views 1 decade ago

Nice set of boobs getting pierced. Plain and simple. I wish the face was actually shown, but at the same time I don't really care.

  • badger5 October 2, 2006

    later on she had her first butt fuck,...women,think before you drink,....

  • October 2, 2006

    Nice boob, small nipple, but peircing does not do anything for me.

  • zedex October 2, 2006

    I don't understand why women want to do this. I've heard it increases sensitivity, but I personally have nothing for it. If I wanted to nibble on metal, I could always walk around with a bolt tucked between the cheek and gum. I agree with brentwood-- It does nothing for me. Nothing at all.

  • exxtaasee October 2, 2006

    I don't agree with getting it done at such an unsanitized location. If you want a piercing, go to a responsible parlor. However, I love the increased sensitivity my nipples have and that they look awesome.

  • davcommander October 2, 2006

    HUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • sdg October 2, 2006

    doing that shit is retarded,she just ruined a perfectly good titty

  • mfaymidas October 2, 2006

    Thanks for sharing...now how do I find you? Exxxtassee rocks

  • digitalechoz October 2, 2006

    Makes it look kinda nice,sorta like decorating a cake lol

  • mermaid_w_legz October 2, 2006

    omg I just grabbed my right tit in sympathy~ lol

    ( + ) ( . ) ;)

  • imbetu October 2, 2006

    I did my ear in a bar one time..It was my b-day and someone gave me a card with an earing ..so we pierced it, and put it in..

  • bigtoall October 2, 2006


  • sheepshagga October 2, 2006

    "I'm so scared... I'm so scared... I'm so scared..." Stupid bitch, its not like you're standing on a street corner in Baghdad looking at the sidewalk thinking to yourself "I hope I don't hit my head when I fall down". Harden Up.. and if you can't do that, at least make your nipples harder for the rest of us to enjoy...

  • breeze October 3, 2006

    WOW WOW!

  • calibaldie October 3, 2006

    Why ruin a perfect nipple like that. fuck her mom will be proud of her. nice nipple nice tits

  • jenny_garcia October 3, 2006

    well I think its hot. i have always wanted my nipples pierced. i kinda chickened out today though. supposed to get downstair pierced. rescheduled for wednesday =( I'm scared! but I really want to do it, cuz I know it will turn on Bel! He even told me that if I got my nips pierced, he would get them too. I don't want his dick pierced though. That just doesnt seem right.

  • badger5 October 3, 2006

    im going the whole hog and having a large nut and bolt in my neck,......

  • sdg October 3, 2006

    cool badger lol

  • kkkkilla October 3, 2006

    Perfect Tit, perfect pink nip. REAL

  • teamshowoff October 3, 2006

    ..._...|..____________________, ,

    ....../ `---___________----_____|] = = = = = D


    .....), ---.(_(__) /

    ....// (..) ), ----"




    dont make me shoot you. fuck all whiteys yea yea kill all honkeys yea yea kill skin heads yea yea eya

  • mermaid_w_legz October 3, 2006

    ^^ nice artwork there team :) lol

  • teamshowoff October 3, 2006

    thank you legz, you think i could rub you legzs. yea yea yea yea

  • 4leftturnsx500 October 4, 2006

    Damn Showoff, at first I thought it was that beer train!

  • calibaldie October 4, 2006

    jenny when you get your nipple pierced send me the vid

  • nightshift187 October 4, 2006


  • blut_und_ehre October 4, 2006

    Stupid people, putting holes where they don't belong. It can only lead to worse things. If you don't believe me check out body modification(especially penis bisections), and you'll see why these people frighten me. It's not right to hate your body that much.

  • teamshowoff October 4, 2006

    shut the fuck up you big pussy ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i stab a nigger in his chest and saw the foam of blood come out of his mouth and hear him gasp for air yea yea yea i welcome you to fuck with me you big pussy yea yea yea

  • gottiku October 5, 2006

    That made my dick hard

  • vinal October 7, 2006

    ^^ Rofl

    Hmm getting other femanate parts of her body done, may hurt more, she should think herself lucky

  • dontgivafuk October 15, 2006

    team is that supposed to be a gun...? no matter how i look at it i dont see a thing

  • darkwestern October 23, 2008

    Jesus if i were the piercer i'd be like get all these screaming bitches out of my place.

  • humanwaste November 5, 2010

    That piercer is a fuckking moron!!! He has NO sterile technique whatsoever. He might as well have spit on her nipple to clean it. Dirtbag!!!

    That chick should have taken that fine specimen of a tittie to a professional...

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