Is It Worth Your Life

Jesse U.
4,412 Views 1 decade ago

Lets be serious, it's not like this dude killed anyone. He's here passing bad checks and gave up his life to try and avoid being caught. Good call buddy, good call.

  • miked October 11, 2006


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  • sdg October 11, 2006

    that wasn't too smart

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  • bsmitty8105 October 11, 2006

    WHAT A TOOL!~!!

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  • glocksrock October 11, 2006

    Another criminal off the street and won't be committing more crimes in the future. Also, the US tax payers wont have to support his sorry ass while he's in jail.

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  • sleeko October 11, 2006

    My guess is the bad check wasn't the only reason he was running. He'd probably done time before, and just couldn't bear the thought of bunking with another well dude.

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  • lordloverocket October 11, 2006

    tuff shit nelson you fuckin tard! your just a shit driver, now your all dead and fucked up! lol

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  • jo5erock October 11, 2006

    So if this happened for bad checks I don't wanna know what is my sister going to do for all those thousands and thousands that she owes in credit cards hahahahaha. By the way it's been two days and I already miss Lex hahaha we should do something like the stupid of the month or something hahaha Lex for President!!!!!!!!!

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  • b23k October 11, 2006

    he deserves to die for being dumb enough to run for somthing so stupid.

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  • calibaldie October 12, 2006

    he got took

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  • teamshowoff October 12, 2006

    yea yea thats right we are the white race yea yea fuck yea we are the pure race yea eya

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  • diducthat October 12, 2006

    open your eyes? what for , so he can look at his brains all over the highway

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  • kkkkilla October 12, 2006

    ^^^^You said that shit right. They do and say the dumbest shit.

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  • hotpoolhustle October 12, 2006

    "I want you to open your eyes for me...and see how dumb you are".

    Looks like that stupid fuckwad has cashed his final cheque.

    He's better off spread across 3 lanes if you ask me.

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  • hatedogs October 12, 2006

    There was a much better camera angle of this same crash on Google video but some bag of fuck took it off. When the turd flew out of the car, he landed in the middle lane of oncoming traffic and got run over. Each of you little girley boys is an ass sucker, you know, and deserve to have your tiny little apple sacks ripped off and fed to cockroaches, you goddamn bastards.

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  • sheepshagga October 12, 2006

    hatedogs. your brains in schitzo mode man.. No I'm not... Yes I am... Pick a theme and stick to it. Study teamsuckoff and you'll see that at least he's a shithead ALL the time in the same post. Maybe he's not? Yes he is.. No he's not..

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  • hatedogs October 14, 2006

    Sheepshit, fuck you and your theme. I got your fucking theme blasting out of my ass and down your nasty little throat, you roasted puke.

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