Robot Lion

Jesse U.
5,865 Views 1 decade ago

That was ok I guess. It would have been real impressive if that bad boy jumped up and just mawed somebody to death.

  • geargrinder65 October 16, 2006

    First to completly laff my ass off at this moron

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  • nudrop October 16, 2006

    the motor subsitutes the prrrr, and it ain't gonna run fast either.

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  • jack-hammer October 16, 2006

    could have probably fed a village of starving africans for a year,but nooooooooooo, cowboy bob had to go and build some stupid ass contraption to show up his neighbour!!

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  • u8one October 16, 2006

    he made it out of his lawn mower and his kid's dialysis machine....dickwad

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  • adrao October 16, 2006

    white power!!

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  • bladezzz October 16, 2006

    Sixth to look at this and ask...wuss tha point

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  • mfaymidas October 16, 2006

    Bono was at a concert in Wales and said " Everytime I clap my hands a child dies in Africa"...someone from the back yelled." Then stop fucking clapping."!!!!

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  • dcisgnar October 16, 2006


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  • mermaid_w_legz October 16, 2006

    I wanted to see him do a wheelie or at least have the thing malfunction- can't have everything around here I suppose *sigh*

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  • calibaldie October 16, 2006

    Dam them japs will have this out in the market by next week for about $19.99.

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  • lordloverocket October 16, 2006

    KENNEX if you can't beat it build it! lol its a bigger pussy than that dick teamwankoff

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  • mermaid_w_legz October 17, 2006

    I need to Fed Ex dictionaries to some of you.. jesus christ.. showing your ages OR ignorance on here with words even a 5 year old could spell.

    Webster is rolling in his fucking grave I am sure~ and the only ones to get offended by this post will be the truly uneducated or childish so line up! LOL!!!

    Now..... where did I put my coffee....

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  • zazu pitts October 17, 2006

    Thank God finally someone invented a robot lion for all of us who have always wanted to ride a lion but were afraid.

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  • commoneagle October 17, 2006

    dcisgnar wrote:

    Gay .....................fuck anyone calling shit gay you morons.

    buy the way he won fourty five thousand dollars for it in a contest and gave it all to the wwf and to feed hungry africans....


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  • detroitleanin October 17, 2006

    Some people have too much money.

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  • madhater October 19, 2006

    worst bollox ever...............................

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  • spinal12 June 18, 2008

    What thu

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