Learn How To Ride

Jesse U.
3,334 Views 1 decade ago

These kids need some practice, but I'll enjoy watching them fall in the meantime.

  • geargrinder65 November 2, 2006

    And the nominees for this years DUMBASS award..........

  • bacord18 November 2, 2006

    at least they are wearing helmets.. CANADA HAS A MILITARY?????

  • buddernutts November 2, 2006

    fuckin funny

  • theaussie November 2, 2006

    The best part is when they fall off!

  • zedex November 2, 2006

    Those motorcycle helmets are either squeezing the barin too much, or maybe they are just to heavy

  • diducthat November 2, 2006

    it will all pay off someday, forget about homework, just do jumps for a living

  • drtyrell November 3, 2006

    this shit is so fucking fake it hurts. anyone who knows how to ride a bike can tell they're laying it down in mid-flight.

  • nudrop November 3, 2006

    Where is the Slim Jim Fly Guy!!?? I do like how they made a jump, supported by nothing but large round rocks. Perfect to fall onto.

  • gottiku November 3, 2006

    ha, ha Face plant man. CORAL

  • pablosdog November 6, 2006

    squeezin the barin??? you kids and your funny language. hahahaha

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