Security Vs Skater

Jesse U.
5,134 Views 1 decade ago

That security guard wasn't having it, but I have to ask, was he supposed to trip the kid down the stairs like that?

  • zedex November 3, 2006

    A willful atempt to cause bodily injury. I believe it is justified to whack that dude with the board

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  • 3btr2 November 3, 2006

    That was fucked up.

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  • diducthat November 3, 2006

    how the hell did he not break his arm?

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  • twxxx November 3, 2006

    i'd come back and shoot that asshole.

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  • theaussie November 3, 2006

    wait out the back till he knocks off then rape the mofo guard with an eggplant.

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  • just4orfun November 3, 2006

    he took him out,,,,,,,,,lmfao--haha

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  • assholistic November 3, 2006

    two pissy kids all full of them selves. Who gives a shit either way.. Let the kids skate. and a skater who hits the ground getting pissed off ? Oh cmon. Those chicks should just get a room and fuck instead of all this public foreplay

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  • imbetu November 3, 2006

    DON'T FUCK UP MY HOTEL... GO TO A TAX PAYERS SKATE PARK... go do your home work

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  • smurfballss November 4, 2006

    Why is he bashing the glass with his board? I'd be bashing that guys face in. Fuck that guy, I hate that guy. I would beat him until i think that hes dead.

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  • pootietang November 4, 2006

    I would have beat the brakes off that fat mtherfucker IMMEDIATELY!

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  • sweeny November 4, 2006

    some people take their job WAY to seriously

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  • wicked_m4 November 4, 2006

    Serves the little shit right. Places like that aren't made for skating. It messes up the hand rails and the concrete. Go to a skatepark if you want to skate. You don't see me driving my car down the sidewalk and wondering why the police are after me, do you?

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  • eltrut November 4, 2006


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  • youngblood48 November 4, 2006


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  • pablosdog November 6, 2006

    fuck skateboarders! after he tripped that kid he should have kicked his face in while he was on the ground. I've seen these fucking skateboarders run into tiny kids, women, and people just trying to walk without having to dodge punks. FUCK SKATEBOARDERS!!!

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  • badboyscott November 15, 2006



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  • thousand December 11, 2006

    At least you know he meant it

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