Watch Your Back

Jesse U.
3,581 Views 1 decade ago

That guy was lucky he was able to just walk away from that. Somebody better check his shorts.

  • badger5 November 5, 2006

    cant park there dude,....

  • miked November 5, 2006

    think he will get hazzard pay for that?

  • bobbitybobbity November 5, 2006

    3rd bitches!

  • gottiku November 5, 2006

    Oh damn, i think i just shit my pants man, that was CORAL.

  • youngblood48 November 5, 2006


  • diducthat November 5, 2006

    I'd call in sick the next day

  • hatedogs November 5, 2006

    Moments ago, I squated down over my throne, tried to shit a gnarley turd and a diducthat oozed out, chased by a collassal fart. What can this mean, you loathesome little pukes? (I'd like to burn a spiffy hole in each of your little heads with an acetylenee right through those asshole baseball caps your loser generation would be lost without) What a collection of bile suckers you little bastards are.

  • sickpuppy46 November 6, 2006

    hes like oh just another customer...then WHAM hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • mfaymidas November 6, 2006

    Just trying to return "Nacho Libre" before late fees ate him up....

  • pablosdog November 6, 2006

    charge me extra cause I didn't rewind? I don't think so!

  • reddog122657 February 1, 2009

    Well,if anybody asks him the "did anything interesting happen at work today" question,he will be ready.

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