A Rally Mishap

Jesse U.
3,790 Views 1 decade ago

I love the fact that you can just flip that car right back over and just keep on going. that's some bad ass shit.

  • jdarren November 9, 2006


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  • yokiti November 9, 2006

    Hey! He cut the corner. That ain't fair!

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  • gottiku November 9, 2006

    WOW, that was TITS. Did you see that. WOW!!!

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  • base80balla November 9, 2006

    yo fuck you jdarren, ralley takes about 4x the amount of skill. nascar they know the track and repeat it about 500 times.


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  • burndog65ca November 9, 2006

    hey gottiku u know what would be TITS my dick between your moms TITS

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  • diesel91 November 9, 2006

    I want to see them race on the "death road" in Bolivia. Then we could see some real carnage.

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  • cardel72 November 9, 2006

    stpid rally faggs shoulda died!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • cap-n_obvious November 9, 2006

    your saying that was a rally accident? but that happens at all the rally races I just don't believe it's an accident anymore

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  • just4orfun November 9, 2006

    flip proof,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  • assholistic November 9, 2006

    Might be the first rally car clip I have seen without spectator injuries.

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  • taskellusaf November 9, 2006

    nice little wave of thanks from the driver there at the end..

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  • diducthat November 10, 2006

    DBCOOP, I know what you mean, makes me want to fill my gas tank, or eat a well balanced cereal

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  • theaussie November 10, 2006

    And they say rally drivers are the best in the world.

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  • gottiku November 10, 2006

    Hey burndog, what the fuck is your problem. Feeling lonely there buddy. go fuck yourself.

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  • bubbacrow November 10, 2006

    LETS SEE gottiku, coral, tits, who's the homo? not david hasselhoff, i promise you that, and that is saying alot.......

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  • gottiku November 11, 2006

    My official crazyshit archenemy. BUBBACROW.....how Coral is that. I was just another name in the crowd, now i have enemies. that is neat.

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  • commoneagle November 11, 2006

    base80balla wrote:

    yo fuck you jdarren, ralley takes about 4x the amount of skill. nascar they know the track and repeat it about 500 times. PEACE

    ...................................................ABSOLUTLY right baseballa. but none of the fuel buring earh disrepecting sports have a good reason for being with the way human are already fucking the earth up. it is kind of like shitting in your livingroom.

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  • calibaldie November 12, 2006

    rally neckcare it all fucken reeks big time so fuck you if you dont like my post i can give a rats ass if you do or dont. i paid my dues muther fucker thier for i can post what ever the mutherfucken shit i want to. got it? ok next

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  • pablosdog November 13, 2006

    had to stop a get some shrubbery.

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  • hatedogs January 11, 2009

    The only thing wrong with these generic ralley fuckups is there is rarely some goddamn stinking dog mashed in the process. What I like is to see a litter of abandoned puppies mashed by a bus. But the only thing that would trump that, you goddamn fucking pile of festering afterbirth, is to feel my Jeep smash over your dumb fucking dog.

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