The Bear Trap

Jesse U.
7,768 Views 1 decade ago

For some reason I was thinking that they were going to trap something big grizzly and gay. I've been working here to long.

  • kin2inuyasha November 10, 2006

    Someone should put their willy in the trap.

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  • zedex November 10, 2006

    kids behaving like ....uh.. well...dumb kids

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  • gottiku November 10, 2006

    Do I dare to say this........I must......White folks are the craziest people. If eggplants are not being shoved up their asses, it is a wine bottle. Now look at this, fucking around with a bear trap. Humph,what else can i say.....I LOVE THIS WEBSITE. This is so goddamn CORAL dude.

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  • diducthat November 10, 2006

    how bored do you have to be, to come up with that shit?

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  • jo5erock November 10, 2006

    Yeah we should promote snuff films shit, some rapping some brutality.

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  • just4orfun November 10, 2006

    uh huh,

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  • u8one November 10, 2006

    these are kids who are going to grow up and tie chains to their balls and have a tug of war.

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  • bubbacrow November 10, 2006

    uh, hello, motherfucking rabbit trap. fucking city dwellers, oh yeah a trap that a human can put his face in and scream about will surely catch a grizzly bear till you get there to finish him of with yer bb gun. gottiku, i officialy declare you a poof. deal with it, come outta da closet and realise that you are a queer. man fag.

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  • gottiku November 11, 2006

    Hey bubbacrow, what makes me queer huh. Gayness does not exsist in my world that is why it is strange to me. BTW, you are a poof, Goddamn cum guzzleing homo. Go fuck teamshowoff or somthing.

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  • bubbacrow November 11, 2006

    no gottiku, david hasseloff says YOU'RE the homo, so there!

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  • sleeko November 11, 2006

    That wasn't a bear trap. That was a varmit trap. A real bear trap is alot bigger. A bear trap would have broken the dumbshits leg.

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  • bladezzz November 11, 2006

    These are some jackass: the movie rejects

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  • calibaldie November 12, 2006

    now people do this shit and stuff like in the other vid whhere them to fags are playing tug of war with thier balls and it seems to be funny or normal but get some chineese bitch to play with shit and you all muther fuckers talk shit. dam what the fuck

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  • youngblood48 November 12, 2006

    fucking faggot ass farts sticking their bodyparts in there......somtin bubba would do...

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  • commoneagle November 13, 2006

    ye jesse u when you start saying gay you've been working there too long fuck in a shit.

    and what the fuck is with these pain mongers these days or has this kind of shit been going on since b4 camcorders and internet. they are plain stupid or influenced by the camera or somthing. and that is not a bear trap a real bear trap would take your leg off. that is a pissy little prissy marmont sp? trap for little cridders the bigest of which might be a coyotee.

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  • snoopy November 13, 2006

    steve-o your not.. might be funny if i still got high

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  • rompin November 14, 2006

    i know us southners love our traps to bad you be lucky to get a muskrat in that one ,bear trap woulda snapped thier leg in two huh folks think all blondes r dumb only dumb thing bout us is knowing we know our traps and how to hunt these guys maybe should try pullin catfish outta holes that would be worth watchin

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  • magoozer December 16, 2006

    If that would have been a bear trap, one kid would be minus one hand. sleeko's right... its a varmit or coyote trap.

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