Robot Chicken: Super Mario Brothers In Vice City

Jesse U.
5,415 Views 1 decade ago

That would be some fun shit. Some cross over games. Something like Gears of Football would be Bad Ass.

  • zekes November 12, 2006

    FIRST bitches

  • yokiti November 12, 2006

    That was some funny shit!

  • sexyspeed100 November 12, 2006

    Mario and Luigi are kick ass. should put some halo mixed with Super Smash Bros

  • badblueboy November 12, 2006

    Great stuff!

  • gottiku November 13, 2006

    Man, i have to comment on this. That is the best. I love videogames. This vid is the funniest. Keep 'em coming. This is so CORAL.

  • chuckj892 November 13, 2006

    the mario bros in GTA + yoshi in Resident Evil = funny shit

  • kkkkilla November 13, 2006

    Coral...Fuckin' Coral...Fuckin A

  • magnumjack November 13, 2006

    he's marinating in his own ragout lol

  • mfaymidas November 13, 2006

    God, that was genius !!!

  • aura420 November 13, 2006


  • diducthat November 13, 2006

    what no swinging fireballs or big slow flying bullets?????

  • 4leftturnsx500 November 13, 2006

    What da Fucka?

  • jo5erock November 14, 2006

    Eat mushrooms hahahaha, get the princess, robot chicke is just to funny!!!!

  • calibaldie November 14, 2006

    whut the fucka fucken a pigs is trying to shoota me. this shita fucken suckas man luigeee get the machina guna and shoota the pigs backa my brother fucken spic italians

  • burndog65ca November 14, 2006

    tony montana death

  • commoneagle November 15, 2006

    what no racist comments about Italians, saying all spaghetti eaters are this or that and they all kill wtf all these comments are liking this overtly violent content that is really kind of disgusting. It is blatant violence for humors sake. Humans can be twisted no doubt about it. I even liked it ,somewhat, although though I am trying to dislike violence I still feel like tearing someones head of at times.

  • andrethegiant November 17, 2006

    Mario's amazing ass power should be used.. He is kind of like a whore.. He bounces his ass on something and they lie down..

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