It Can Happen

Jesse U.
3,899 Views 1 decade ago

I love these Bangkok Insurance Commercials. The one with the house is my favorite.

  • badger5 November 13, 2006

    think that was fake,...

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  • bsmitty8105 November 13, 2006

    YOU THINK!!!! wold be cool if that really would happen

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  • mfaymidas November 13, 2006

    Just an Isurance need to be so frickin' righteous....

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  • ~ever~ November 13, 2006

    ping pong on the road

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  • aura420 November 13, 2006

    1,000,000 points... that bastard beat my high score

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  • peoplevshoople November 13, 2006

    That was about as real as the WWE and you would have to be a idiot to think that was a real clip

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  • kkkkilla November 13, 2006


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  • diducthat November 13, 2006

    I remember on time in Bangkok this girl, oh shit my wifes home. shittt.....

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  • zedex November 13, 2006

    Lets all meet on I95 and try that

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  • 4leftturnsx500 November 13, 2006

    I just got an idea for a new X-box game...called, PIN THE WHEEL ON THE JACKASS'S CAR!

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  • calibaldie November 14, 2006

    probability is that crazyshit will be a non racial site before that shit in the vid ever happends.

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  • benedryl November 14, 2006


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  • indotree November 14, 2006

    i'm just gonna go right UP the list.

    benedryl - your tired buddy. get some rest.

    calibaldie - you should settle your lifestyle down

    4leftturns - that was the dumbest comment ever

    zedex - YEAH LETS DO IT MAN! ur a dumbass.

    diducthat - u mean the time that giraffe fucked u?

    kkkkilla - ur a psycho

    peoplevshoop - thank you captain obvious

    issues - u bring upon your own unhappiness u sicko

    aura - i like your style

    ever - once again, no shit sherlock

    myifadis - way to step in there Dad

    bsmitty - u seem really young

    badger - you had the first spot and you blew it. first is all about fitting that perfect comment in that perfect first position. you blew it with your lame ass statement. u suck

    thanks gang, oh wait..

    indotree - you're a smooth talkin pimp

    there we go. later fags

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  • indotree November 14, 2006

    issues, i hate you with a fiery passion. i will rail on you every chance i get loser. someone should crush your skull into the cement then skate through your busted chunks. next they should tear your stomach open and use scissors to snip off bits of your organs until their full of cuts and holes, bleeding everywhere. then they should shit in your mouth and and force a llama to fuck your asshole in half. every breath you take, racist are comes out when you exhale. quit polluting yourself and the people around you with your ignorant bigotry you nut sucking sperm chugging piss fag

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  • stormrider November 15, 2006


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  • diesel91 November 16, 2006

    That would suck. where's the car that lost the tire?

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  • diesel91 November 16, 2006

    ^Never mind

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