The Master Of Puppets

Jesse U.
3,217 Views 1 decade ago

This guy is pretty good at throwing his voice. I'll never figure out how they are able to do that.

  • nickkk November 17, 2006

    100th Bitches

  • beelzebub November 17, 2006

    100? that the age of your momma?

  • burndog65ca November 17, 2006

    ^^^dude dont be 2 harsh^^^

  • mrdresden November 17, 2006

    BOTH PUPPETS (in unison): "OOOOOW take it out and put some lube on it, you bastard!"

  • findher69her November 17, 2006


  • nativeman November 17, 2006

    That was called talent something most entertainers today dont have

  • teamshowoffff November 17, 2006

    yea yea i wish he'd stick his fists up my ass!!! yea yea yea

  • diducthat November 17, 2006

    dude gots some tricks up his sleeve

  • jdarren November 17, 2006


  • gottiku November 17, 2006

    Hey dude, I think you mean "CORAL" shit.

  • peoplevshoople November 17, 2006

    burndog you got your fucking nerve . You are one of the most sarcastic mother fuckers on this sight .You are talking with both sides of your mouth!!!

  • cardel72 November 17, 2006

    Hey people... shut the fuck up, in fact,fuck all you assholes.. I hate everybody

  • teamshowoffff November 18, 2006

    yea yea yea if only i could get some friends that were important yea yea i'm just a sorry ass bitch oh yea yea yea ben lake is a fake oh yea yea little bitch is computer ammy rook noob yea yea yea

  • mfaymidas November 18, 2006

    I guess team is still stuck on "yea yea yea" He must be a closet Beatles fan..!!! heh heh heh ..

    But that first Judge was always a Dick head...he's British for cryin' out loud !!!!

  • 4leftturnsx500 November 18, 2006

    I'd hit Matilda...I just love her pink hair..

  • jo5erock November 18, 2006

    Fucking first judge was a fucking asswhole is like rightaway pressing the fucking X since that fucking Simon shit appeared on TV now they think there has to be a fucking Simon in every fucking TV contest

  • youngblood48 November 18, 2006

    cardel you are funny...lmmfao....

  • cackman4u November 18, 2006

    fuck thats crazy and funny ass fuck, damn "teamshowoff" dont b hard on urself!

  • k1tson November 19, 2006

    you silly fucktard who dissed the Btitish, Simon Cowell pisses on all you redneck fuckers...fuck you, fuck America, fuck coons, and fuck Bush!!!

  • calibaldie November 23, 2006

    so which one was the dummy?

  • jimmydcap February 15, 2010

    Terry Fator won A G T that year.

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