It Kills

Jesse U.
6,917 Views 1 decade ago

If you want to sit there and smoke your brains out that's cool, I just got a good laugh from this commercial.

  • deadfred November 18, 2006

    Hey I'm first and thats pretty graphic!!!

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  • lordloverocket November 18, 2006

    sloppy 2nd

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  • beelzebub November 18, 2006

    55 Filipinos die everyday? they say that like its a bad thing

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  • peoplevshoople November 18, 2006

    reminded me of "Full metal Jacket"

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  • nickkk November 18, 2006

    I'll be right back. I'm going to go smoke one real quick.

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  • bubbacrow November 18, 2006

    private pyle, were you born a fat disgusting lazy piece of shit or did you have to work at it real hard?!?!?

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  • youngblood48 November 18, 2006

    no wonder i gotta keep painting the bathroom wall....damn...

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  • gurtman23 November 18, 2006

    i say anyone that has lung cancer because of smoking, should not have the treatment no matter how much money they have? fuck them and die

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  • 4leftturnsx500 November 18, 2006

    It's a proven fact...If you smoke, you live a shorter life...So...smokers are suicidal!

    It's amazing how poor people always have money for cigarettes! When smokers say it's their right to smoke in public...I say you won't mind if I fart while walking passed your table right? At least it won't kill you!

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  • diducthat November 19, 2006

    this is my rifle, there are many like it but this one is mine, my rifle is my best friend...

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  • bigdaddyjtp November 19, 2006


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  • bubbacrow November 19, 2006

    big-d, if ya do the two near each other can i film the fireball and post it here???

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  • nickkk November 19, 2006

    gurtman23 wrote:

    i say anyone that has lung cancer because of smoking, should not have the treatment no matter how much money they have? fuck them and die.

    You know, Fuck you Gurtman. No wait; let me type that again...FUCK YOU. Have you never watched anyone die of lung cancer? It is the worst thing that you can ever experience. They are in so much pain. Money can't even buy morphin? Nobody should have to suffer. Not even you! Fuck you for even having those thoughts. If you don't want to suffer then we will be glad to slowly pull your fingernails out while die. Otherwise shut your fucking Jew mouth and get life.

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  • mermaid_w_legz November 19, 2006

    alrighty then.......

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  • mfaymidas November 19, 2006

    Excellent Stuff....I have this guy who smokes at work in Florida even tho' it's been banned by the Govt...what should I do?

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  • youngblood48 November 19, 2006

    ^^^fart on him....lefty says it will relieve his pain....

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  • catamite November 19, 2006

    Gurtman is correct, maybe due to his Irishness. I used to smoke but gave it up; why? - cause it's for stupid people that's why. And they deserve to die; screaming for a priest actually - or maybe a catamite!

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  • dec45 November 19, 2006

    How about you worry about yourself? Thanks.

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  • b-hazard November 21, 2006

    "BTW, that pot you smoke has ten times the chemicals in it that the cigarettes do,and when you get lung cancer,I hope that they refuse you the treatment! FUCKTARD!!!!!" Studies have shown there's little to no increase in cancer risk in marijuana smokers. Dumb ass.

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  • thebirdbiotch November 22, 2006

    First of all I smoke cigs and if any of you motherfuckers don't like it you can kiss my ass. I have been smoking for 11 years now, ppl keep telling me I need to stop but damn it I will stop when I am good and fucking ready. I was at a resturant once and I was smoking it wasn't bothering anybody, the whole place was smoking becos I make it a habbit to ask whenever I enter a resturant. While my husband and I were trying to enjoy our meal this fucking asshole came up to me and looked at me and told me that I need to show a little consideration for other ppl and put my cig out. I told that stupid fucker that the whole place was smoking and if he didn't like it he could fucking leave, him and his bitch ass wife left. I then told the owner of the place and she told me, well he was right I have been trying to get this place non-smoking for a long time. The stupid bitch it was her place she could make it smoking or non-smoking, it was her choice. Lets just say I wont fucking go back there at all. Now on the other hand my husband doesn't smoke he stoped 5 years ago and I say more power to him. I love my fucking cigs it is the only thing in this fucking fucked up world that keeps me fucking sane so all of you non-smoking bastards that have a problem with my smoking once again kiss my fucking ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • jtbrndead November 22, 2006


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  • calibaldie November 23, 2006

    ja ja ja take another hit of that cancer stick.

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