Nice Long Fight

Jesse U.
6,429 Views 1 decade ago

I love the way that kids buddies were trying him at the end. They were like don't try to say that shit. You suck.

  • deadfred November 18, 2006

    First and cmon Joey!!!

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  • lordloverocket November 18, 2006

    sloppy 2nd

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  • tweek312 November 18, 2006


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  • eltrut November 18, 2006

    Mabe next time he will learn to put his hands up and fucking protect himself. Dumbfuck.

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  • nudrop November 18, 2006

    Dumbass camera phones...

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  • peoplevshoople November 18, 2006

    That would be me fucking you up eltrut because I cant stand your fucking ass . Stupid jerk

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  • nickkk November 18, 2006

    Anyone else tired of seeing this crap?

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  • k1tson November 18, 2006

    better if it were two coons, with knifes, with the stipulation the momma takes a perternity test, and they all fuck off back to land of tha coon, (depths of hell with Satan). damn i hate coons

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  • bubbacrow November 18, 2006

    only watched 5 seconds, worst video quality i have ever seen on c.s. thanks jay. are ya hurting that bad?

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  • pearlbeater November 18, 2006

    long maybe, but NOT nice!!! worst fuckin fight ever... after that amount of time, somebody's ass should be fuckin' dead!!! I coulda killed 'em both, brought 'em back to life, killed 'em again, and burried 'em in that length of time...

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  • gurtman23 November 18, 2006

    am i first


    You Know Why?

    because i have a fucking life i dont sit here all day waiting on Jesse adding a vid.


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  • 4leftturnsx500 November 18, 2006

    FIGHT?...I guess I missed looked more like a couple gays hugging eachother on the ground!

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  • diducthat November 19, 2006

    seems more like eight min. when you watch this drunk

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  • drone November 19, 2006

    Yes nickkk I'm tired of seeing this crap. *Yawns*

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  • nickkk November 19, 2006

    Yeah drone; you and I are on the same page. Where is the "crazy shit". These fuckers need to grow up!

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  • mermaid_w_legz November 19, 2006

    oh look, yet ANOTHER fight video.. ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • deadfred November 19, 2006

    Hey gurtman I have a life I was just lucky it updated when I logged on you dumb shit you are just jealous when decent people as myself catch a lucky break.Next time look before you run your mouth

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  • youngblood48 November 19, 2006

    killa is beige not black....

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  • k1tson November 19, 2006

    beige??? hahahaha i've heard many words for nigga's but that takes the shit

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  • peoplevshoople November 19, 2006


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  • kkkkilla November 20, 2006

    LOL Blood. These two craca asses honkey and k1tson don't phase me. Just a couple of nursery school pussies trying to be hard. You fucks couldn't roast a hot dog. Typical peckerwood swine. All they got is nigger. That's pussy all day long.

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  • eltrut November 20, 2006

    peoplevshoople....It's spelled "bonfire". It's one word and it doesn't contain the letter D, you ignorant fucking twat. :)

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  • streetzips November 20, 2006

    Buy a decent video camera! Please!

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  • pootietang November 20, 2006

    You pussy ass swine got racist shit to say even when two punk ass crackers are the only thing you see on a clip. That only means one thing; The black race consumes your every thought, you can't even look at white people without thinking about us. We are truly flattered but we cannot accept you among us at this time. However, if you successfully KILL YOURSELF, you may or may not come back as a black person. GOOD LUCK.

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  • andrethegiant November 21, 2006

    Body slams have just totaly gone out of fashion

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  • calibaldie November 23, 2006

    wake me when this shit is done

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  • muggs1 January 1, 2007

    aint it funny how the peanut gallery always seems to be there when an argument starts, the threats begin, a fight ensues, the fight goes on and on . hasnt someone figgered out to tell the peanut gallery simply to fuckl off and save a lot of grief right from the get go assholes one and all

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  • gen4x January 25, 2007

    good fight. shows how the JJ/grappling GUARD can effectively neutralize punches. and the guillotine choke took out all of the other guy's strength.

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