Lucky Fucker

Jesse U.
8,029 Views 1 decade ago

He was just scared. I love it when they try to make it seem, like the cop did the right thing. The cop was a pussy and he would have got his ass handed to him if were down here in good ol sunny florida.

  • evilgenius November 19, 2006

    2nd! where's the party?

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  • djdynasty November 19, 2006

    Jesse.. he would of got his ass handed to him in Florida? um I think you need your head checked. You mean they both would of got shot...hand cuffed... put in the squad car.. then pepper sprayed/tazered and then clubbed half to death in their holding cells in Los Angeles.

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  • kin2inuyasha November 19, 2006

    I love my Florida cops. Most of them are just crazy.

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  • commoneagle November 19, 2006

    just looked like a couple of parinoid whimps to me. wtf this was a dull video

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  • k1tson November 19, 2006

    for fuck sakes whats wrong with the cop? he had the opertunity to waste 2 coons and never took it, he deserves to be shot himself!

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  • diducthat November 19, 2006

    just listen to the cops, and everything will be fine

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  • bubbacrow November 19, 2006

    the passenger obviously couldn't speak english since every command that the gun wielding cop gave was totaly ignored. shoot him and go home to yer family dude.

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  • detroitleanin November 20, 2006

    geovir 78? plumber huh? Me too. got a lot of friends from there.

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  • kkkkilla November 20, 2006

    I'm surprised the pussy cop didn't shoot him.

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  • mfaymidas November 20, 2006

    With a loaded gun in the car and one stupid cop afraid for his life, if he'd shot the copper he'd have got off on Insanity and self defence pleas.!!!!

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  • nativeman November 20, 2006

    issues78 fuck you. He needed to sell the shit to your flea ridden mama and then bang your toothless sister. Yeah beaners and their drugs..selling them to your kind. Whatever the fuck you are. Just two guys who think its all a game..but the cop showed restraint. And for all the people on here who say "I would shoot and kill that person" That shit plays tricks on your mind for the rest of your life.

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  • jtbrndead November 22, 2006


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  • calibaldie November 23, 2006

    Its amazing how a fucken gun will give a man some nuts and balls. hope you own a gun jtbrndead you fucken pussy son of a bitch hore muther fucker. nativeman dont you have to go back to the reservation and drink your ass off or go become a diabetic or someting like that.

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  • muggs1 January 1, 2007

    he should have just popped a cap in his fucking ass cause when he gets out of jail he thinks he will have it all figgured out on how to get away with it next time.... and he learned that from his cell mate DUH!

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  • kkkracker January 24, 2007

    No gun, no badge, no backup? Just another dead cracker in the streets. God I hate cops, especially little dick melanin deficient ones. "White coward, um.......power?"

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  • capitalistdog February 25, 2010

    Fuck that, if I gave 2 fucking clear warnings, and the mother fucker disobeyed, I would knee cap 'em.

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