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Jesse U.
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Talk about sisterly bonding. I bet you the mom's a real bitch too. That would just make this story that much better. Nothing like a whole family just bonding while kicking some serious ass.

  • king_dingaling November 21, 2006

    Probably saw that girl in front of them eating a twinkie, and they just lost it.

  • ~ever~ November 21, 2006

    Kids see this shit posted on the news or internet and they wanna do it as well. ?Thats why so many kids are fucked up. They missed or never got any good ass beatings with a belt or switch!

  • yokiti November 21, 2006

    Goddamn, that girl was big!

  • buddernutts November 21, 2006

    Fat fucken stooches.

  • miked November 21, 2006

    honkeylips cant get his niggerlips off all that cock.

  • 4leftturnsx500 November 21, 2006

    The girl stole the fat pigs doughnut at lunch! What did she expect?

  • sleeko November 21, 2006

    I've seen this report, before....Yep, that's right...Negros...again.

  • k1tson November 21, 2006

    man bitch fights eat ass, talking about eating them girls were fat! there momma must weigh 300 lbs

  • nickkk November 21, 2006

    Seen it. If you want to get an edge on CS posts just watch the news.

  • detroitleanin November 21, 2006

    Yeah expell em that will really punish them if someone stabbed the big one I wonder how long she would fly around the bus?

  • hatedogs November 21, 2006

    Gorillas in the mist.

  • diducthat November 22, 2006

    the cool kids sit in the back, I always liked the seat with the wheelwell

  • thebirdbiotch November 22, 2006

    Hey these girls I bet were fucking tired of being Made fun of by skinny bitch and her friends so they fucking attacked her ass, ya if my sister and I had been around the same age and were in school together we would have done the same fucking thing hell ya. BTW my sis is 12 years older than me, not that any of you care but thought I would share.

  • drone November 22, 2006


  • deathwish November 22, 2006

    Beat the shit out of them 2 fat fuckers, COWERDS.

  • jtbrndead November 22, 2006


  • bigjim November 22, 2006

    Pathetic lumps of human excrement.

  • calibaldie November 23, 2006

    crazy ass bitches they are white you fucken retard jtbrndead fuckend asshole muther fucker you fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • bugs181us November 24, 2006

    Uhm, maybe somebody can inform me... but when did they start sending gorillas to school? :O

  • muggs1 January 1, 2007

    Imagine that hasnt seen anything like that in 35 years ?? what a fuckin liar it goes on every fucking day a number of times and they are always shocked when some mousey geeky kid comes in with a gun and goes fat fuck hunting .. gee lets think about that shit for awhile

  • peckerdonor January 7, 2007

    Damn those chicks were big!!

    What dairy farm were they going to school at?

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