Break A Leg

Jesse U.
3,690 Views 1 decade ago

I don't know he seemed way to calm for someone who just broke their knee. Could be a fake.

  • gottiku November 25, 2006

    second, again......CORAL

  • gurtman23 November 25, 2006

    that left a mark, dumb fuck

  • burndog65ca November 25, 2006

    skaters are little richboy pussie's who suck dick and push wood

  • kkkkilla November 25, 2006

    These fuckin boards should be outlawed to keep dumbshit kids from near death experiences.

  • miked November 25, 2006

    uh yeah i posted this like a month ago....

  • deadfred November 25, 2006

    This is getting really boring seeing skaters eat it. The dumb fucks don't wear safety equipment so they deserve it.You never see Tony Hawk on a skateboard without a helmet knee pads shin guards elbow pads etc.

  • youngblood48 November 25, 2006

    yeah can we stick to death by trucks and rally racing kills..and titties please....

  • diducthat November 25, 2006

    there goes his career in pro football

  • big_daddy305 November 25, 2006

    It was probably the adrenaline and the fear of his friends calling him a pussy that kept him from crying or even acting like it hurt.. Who knows.. maybe it's a fake... either way.. looks like it would be pretty painful..

  • badboyscott November 26, 2006


  • ilikeblackmen November 27, 2006

    honkylips, i'm sorry you can't play basketball, you should have tried harder when you were young instead of sleeping w/your sister

  • calibaldie November 27, 2006

    i refer to my last vid comments nuff said.

  • longheel44 November 28, 2006

    Why isn't this kid pukin'? A shot to the knee cap is as nauseatin' as a slug in the nuts. Kid must have already had a Xanax or something to keep that calm.

  • detroitleanin November 28, 2006

    Wait till your 40 or 50 youll fell it allright Pain will take on a whole new feeling, happy skateboarding

  • muggs1 January 1, 2007

    Hmm kneepads? elbow pads? shoulder pads?? helmets?/ naw those are all for pussies .I would rather cripple myself for the rest of my life. Just think in 20 years (if he survives that is ) how he will be telling all his buds one lie or another of how he did it. dumb fucks should get a job. There goes any kind of career that involves walking without a gimp... or just walking or thinking

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