Face Plant On The Snowboard

Jesse U.
4,166 Views 1 decade ago

I was always about learning how to snowboard, but man this video just makes me think twice about it. The way his face just hit that pole. Ouch!!!

  • nickkk December 1, 2006

    Ha/Ha he is so fucked up now he can only fart in between heart beats. Some one should put his face in George Forman and watch it sizzle. Stuff a ice scoope in his ass and beat his stupid ass with a fucking whip. It would have been funnier if he was a nigger.

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  • rebel13 December 1, 2006


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  • eltrut December 1, 2006

    Wow...I bet he feels "extreme" now.

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  • beelzebub December 1, 2006

    Now that fucker can give his pops a gummy blowjob

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  • nudrop December 1, 2006

    guess he didn't like his teeth anyways...

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  • behellzebub December 1, 2006

    lucky he had a spare glove

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  • aura420 December 1, 2006

    il kill u all

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  • digitalechoz December 2, 2006

    How many fucking rednecks do you know that snowboard you dimwitted fucktard?

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  • peoplevshoople December 2, 2006

    Nickkk , teach your mother how to snow board then you can have her whore nigger loving ass to do it

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  • zazu pitts December 2, 2006

    I love watching big boys fuck themselves up by playing with little boys toys.

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  • squiggy_ December 2, 2006


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  • jtbrndead December 5, 2006

    fucking europeans.........maybe he can get circumsized at that the same time they stich up his mouth..........moron

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  • mrdresden December 5, 2006

    Yeah, yeah, another load of posts from people sitting on their arses sneering at people who actually go outand make their own entertainment. Sometimes you have accidents when you have fun. Doesn't make you a moron. Getting the occasional injury means you're still doing something real. I'm a bit biased cos I did myself exactly the same mischief as this bloke did when I was skateboarding in 1978...but I'm still the most beautiful specimen of humanity in existence despite that.

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