Pop Eye

Jesse U.
5,478 Views 1 decade ago

Man you know that bass was hitting hard. I just saying he popped her eye out. That doesn't happen with a little 6x9. So I'm guessing it was fake to begin with. I bet that's real attractive.

  • miked December 5, 2006

    last you fuckin faggots

  • mr_todd December 5, 2006


  • getrealfast December 5, 2006

    doubt it... don't you think she would be screaming her lungs out?

  • super_xt December 5, 2006

    i'm sure it was a glass eye. and i hear eye holes are good for fuckin'. squish squash

  • nickkk December 5, 2006

    Now that's just a fucking waste of money. Bitch needs to get a better system of holding that eye in. Maybe some glue

  • mrdresden December 5, 2006

    For fuck's sake. "Guessing it was fake?" An eyeball has a fucking great nerve fibre and several muscles attaching it to the socket and beyond...they can get displaced by a hard blow or pressure from behind (nice if you can get it ducky) or gouged or cut out. They don't just fall out unless they're artificial....shit. Why am I writing this? Forget it I'm going to fucking sleep. 'Night.

  • gurtman23 December 5, 2006

    ^ thanks for that crap, a glass eye or the bitch would be in serious pain

  • likemeballz December 5, 2006

    my klipsh corner horns blow that shit away....

  • sdg December 5, 2006

    fucking stupid

  • dcisgnar December 5, 2006

    Glass eye, not real eye.. dumbasses.

  • cyberdeath December 6, 2006

    The guys name is Steve Meade.. The 20 000 watt system is in his chevy tahoe..

    He now runs 24000 watts and yah it was a glass eye. Prety crazy system.. About the same as what I used to run in SPL competitions.

  • mrdresden December 6, 2006

    I knew a girl with a glass eye once. Every now and again she'd take it out and wink me off.

  • ramafistfadge December 6, 2006

    1st beeatchies!!!?

  • thegreatest December 6, 2006


  • nudrop December 6, 2006

    you could see her getting it ready before the bass kicked in....woodeye!!!???

  • xshaniquax December 8, 2006


  • beyondskrewed January 16, 2007

    glass eyes pop out easy, u have to take em out when u sleep ,, lil cousin has one

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