One Expensive Test

Jesse U.
9,285 Views 1 decade ago

Fucking $12 million on a fucking test. WTF!!! How much does a plane cost? It can't cost $12 million. Hell they could have bought not one but two 6 million dollar men for that.

  • shitface08 December 7, 2006

    who ever financed this must be having headache

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  • likemeballz December 7, 2006

    osama missed the target

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  • burndog65ca December 7, 2006

    can someone get me a fuckn pillow zzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • bobbitybobbity December 7, 2006

    fuck being third, FOURTH BITCHES

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  • nickkk December 7, 2006

    For 12 million somebody should have atleast got a fuck one of those dummys in the rubber hole.

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  • cardel72 December 7, 2006

    Your hard earned TAX DOLLARS at work!!

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  • miked December 7, 2006

    fuck tax dollars! i want some beans

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  • yokiti December 7, 2006

    Needless to say, I did not receive my pilots license that day.

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  • theaussie December 7, 2006

    Useless test but good to watch. Its cheaper for the airline when a passenger dies than when they are injured and need medical attention for life. so why not use the most explosive feul?

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  • bacord18 December 7, 2006

    no dummies were injured during the filming of this video.. please don't send us any letters!

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  • detroitleanin December 7, 2006

    Naw those planes are made in china now and use pilots from India a couple hundred bucks tops and it only took a few gallons of fuel cause there made out of paper. The passnges were real though.

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  • hatedogs December 7, 2006

    If you disgusting little trench mouthed bastards had taken some time off from beating your meet with a finger crammed in your ass you would have seen this on evening news before Brittany Spears started bleeding; in other words, about ten years ago. What a goddamn bunch of fuzzy-chinned, illerate goddamn loser pukes you are.

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  • imbetu December 8, 2006

    WE (THE USA) could advertise free flights from here to Iraq with no questions asked, and use them as test dummies.."bring your kuran, bring your fuckin prayer blanket,,, fuck bring your suicide bombs....We could kill 300 at a time... I bet that's cheaper than the billion a day were spending now...12 million aint shit!

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  • peoplevshoople December 8, 2006

    WOW NICKKK , No Nigger jokes ? Did you except who your mother is with now or what?

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  • sleeko December 8, 2006

    To "reduce the threat of fire"???....right

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  • fox1974 December 9, 2006

    those test dummies arent cheap. They could have saved a few bucks by loading up the plane with child molesters and illegal aliens

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