Video Game Award Goes To Leeroy Jenkins

Jesse U.
3,167 Views 1 decade ago

Hahahaha that Leeroy Jenkins is funny as shit. For all of you who don't get the joke
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  • likemeballz December 8, 2006

    pretty fuckin guys are to slow number one again

  • ukfatbastard December 8, 2006

    2nd this time.........UK RULES!!!!!!!!!

  • nickkk December 8, 2006

    World of Warcraft is inmature and waste of time. How could you possibly waste your life in a meaningless aminiation world.... Oh wait... CS is inmature and waste of time....

  • mxmillin December 8, 2006



    Fuck ya'll I laughed!

  • bsmitty8105 December 8, 2006


  • adrao December 8, 2006

    nickkk is immature and a waste of time. How could you possibly waste your life in meaningless shit like him? Oh wait... nickkk is iNmature and waste of time...

  • bacord18 December 8, 2006

    god damn it leroy..

  • detroitleanin December 8, 2006

    Thumbs down

  • big_daddy305 December 9, 2006

    Ha ha ha ha ha! Could you imagine some asshole doing that while you were in the elevator? I would be pretty fucking frustrated from stopping at EVERY SINGLE FLOOR after being yelled at by some ignoramus that was probably bullied in school as a all in all.. it was pretty funny though..

  • juggalo4lyfe December 9, 2006


  • ben fenton December 9, 2006


  • davesanity December 10, 2006

    nickkk, if your going to make an insult on the internet, then you should probably learn how to spell, you fucking idiot. This video was just about as lame as you are.

  • c-z December 12, 2006

    lmao, that's the funniest thing I've ever seen in my whole life, get the fuck outta here.

  • prometheus989 January 1, 2009

    Nothing like pissing on the wheels of progress.

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