Thank God For Row Bars

Jesse U.
7,853 Views 1 decade ago

That could have been a whole lot nastier if one of them got ejected, or perhaps if someone was in the way.

  • lordloverocket December 12, 2006

    2nd fuckpigz

  • miked December 12, 2006

    what the fuck are row bars?

  • wicked_m4 December 12, 2006

    Jesse, it's a "roll" cage. I know how much you enjoy being corrected by us fucktards.

  • eltrut December 12, 2006

    Wouldn't it be easier to just WALK up the fucking hill? What a stupid fucking redneck "sport".

  • ben fenton December 12, 2006

    rollin , rollin , rollin raw hide

  • big_daddy305 December 12, 2006

    Once again...the power of gravity prevails.. lol.. what did they think would happen?

  • the ridgeruner December 12, 2006

    At 24 seconds in, it looks like the drivers decapitated head rolls down the hill. "First"

  • sleeko December 12, 2006

    I bet they righted it and tried again....such fun.

  • theaussie December 12, 2006

    Row row row your truck gently down the hill!!!

    So did he win?

  • nickkk December 12, 2006

    This is what skateboarders do when thier all grown up.

  • jp5er December 12, 2006

    They are called ROLL BARS not ROW Bars! Ya Fucktard!

  • calibaldie December 13, 2006

    i wont even look at this fucken video fucken redneck cracker jack muther fuckers

  • youngblood48 December 14, 2006

    damn truck rollin contest are stupid.....stewart can do it at 200mph....

  • hatedogs December 14, 2006

    Why couldn't it have mashed the guts out of the camera puke? Sometimes I think that there's really no god. Cause if god were a real no shit guy, the camera guy would have had a few real important organs mashed out his shitpipe. Or at the very least, why couldn't one of those ignorant bastards who bring their catshit eating dogs to events like this been unfortunate enough to get his ass squashed. And, of course, the fucking dog.

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