The Hard Way

Jesse U.
3,965 Views 1 decade ago

Dude fucked up on that first drop, and it was over. Guy probably broke like half the bones in his body. So fucking hateful.

  • getrealfast December 15, 2006

    it's like a rag-doll...

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  • ronsxi December 15, 2006

    it's like a tampon going down the drain

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  • gurtman23 December 15, 2006

    fuck him hope the silly cunt died

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  • ~ever~ December 15, 2006

    This reminds me of Eddie Murphy's Delirious stand up of when his Aunt Bunny was falling down the stairs and fucked them up. Took her like 30 minutes to fall the whole flight of stairs cuz she was triing to stop her decent. "MY SHOE!"

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  • johnbjones December 15, 2006

    Ouch. That dudes gotta be a bloody pulp after that one.

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  • cruiserman December 15, 2006

    Stupid asshole,I hate all more time sucker!

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  • sleeko December 15, 2006

    OK, I declare a new rule, here. If the fucking video has been shown on TV, it doesn't belong on Crazyshit. Especially, a vid as old as that one.

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  • detroitleanin December 15, 2006

    When I hear someone speaking german I always think of dead russians

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  • diducthat December 16, 2006

    snow sucks

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  •   big_daddy305 December 16, 2006

    I agree with diducthat.. snow sucks. That's why I moved to Miami.

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  • nativeman December 16, 2006

    Ever that was a great fucking comment. I cant stop laughing. AUNT BUNNY

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  • jtbrndead December 17, 2006


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  • digitalechoz December 17, 2006

    What a fucking moron, hey let me ride down this mountain of rock and snow on these two sticks latched to my feet......he got what he deserved.

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  • burton4life December 18, 2006

    he was dead 1/2 way through it , crazy shit sux ow these vids are lame, just like all the assholes who sit at there fuckin macs trying to be the first to post, get a fucking life you scumbags, i get more on accident than you do on purpose you losers, why dont you get a life and move outta moms basement ,,, all of you

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  • pablosdog December 19, 2006

    burton, you are just good people! warmth, generosity of character, you are the complete package. The women must go nuts 4 you..... ... ..... hahahahahahahahahahahaha

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  • xantradorn December 3, 2007

    revenge of the dolphins

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  •   rockinron May 2, 2010

    burton you are sniveling bitch the reason you know so much about what you said is because that is a mirror of your life you worthless basement dwelling little boy. now go play with your fucking star trek collection and leave the real men to watch the real videos. oh and that dudeis one dead ass mother fucker!!

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