Family Guy : Rudolph

Jesse U.
5,396 Views 1 decade ago

I always had the bad feeling that Rudolph's nose lighting up like that couldn't have been a good thing. They should have shot him.

  • sleeko December 22, 2006

    Fuck! Another close call. I better back off before I get busted for tailgating.

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  • deicide December 22, 2006

    you're going to die

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  • imbetu December 22, 2006


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  •   big_daddy305 December 22, 2006

    Little old ladies are probably your specialty, you sick fuck. And it's amazing at how you're proud to be such a loser that you have all the time in the world to sit on this site and post first. While I can see that as a great accomplishment if there were something actually in it for you, I'm sure you can see my point about it being the most retarded thing to be proud of since your mom had you. Have a good day tomorrow posting on this comment. Hopefully, this gives you something to rant and rave about tomorrow.

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  • teamshowoff December 22, 2006

    geovir78 dont be mad at us its not are fault that your dad made you suck his dick you need to talk to some one about it. lot of little boy suck there daddys dicks well not me but you know what i mean

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  • detroitleanin December 23, 2006

    rudolph finally got the job and then got all uppity and tried to take over the show and somebody put a little radioactive magic dust in his food

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  • magnumjack December 23, 2006

    So geovir78 is the new cs retard? No friends just sits at his computer all day? He's probably on his deathbed cause he got raped by a pack of wild HIV infested Mongolians and he has nothing better to do then piss of people on the internet. The only place were he can do it without getting his ass handed to him. I'm happy that he's going to be the first post on every video and I hope he gets a medal. At least he's only going to polute the internet and not the real world with his fucking stupidity. Geo you're a fucking cock jockey i hope you go die somewhere far away and alone.

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  •   big_daddy305 December 23, 2006

    geovir78 wrote:

    no i’ll do it tonight you fucking prick.....i said no posting you cock beater^^^

    Is that the best you got? I expected a little more from you, cock smoker.. feeling a little sick? Your sister give you HPV?

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  • thegreatest December 23, 2006

    thats te4amsshowoffs sister with hpv!!!!!!!!!! but yea he's getting weak he has not been fucked by a elephant in a while!!!!but i will give it to u big_daddy305 u camel hump ridin, cum belly, jew lovin cock

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  • theblob06 December 26, 2006


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