Resistence Is Futile

Jesse U.
6,028 Views 1 decade ago

Poor guy didn't stand a chance. They were going to chase this fucker down no matter where he went. It looks like they're enjoying just beating the fuck out of him. I would too.

  • useful_idiot January 6, 2007

    LMAO run boy run.

  • olsmurfdogg13 January 6, 2007

    i'll still give u credit cause ur actually posted first but u didnt say FIRST..LMAO..

    2nd bitchezz

  • dunedain January 6, 2007

    get a tree and some rope

  • spydablakk January 6, 2007


  • peoplevshoople January 6, 2007

    good ole fashion ass whoopin

  • youngblood48 January 6, 2007

    hes gonna look good in the profile shot...

  • n-word January 6, 2007

    yeah, kill the nigger, kill the nigger

  • carnutts4sure January 6, 2007

    Some fucktard lawyer will jump all over that shit even though Rastus was being an ignorant nigger again and him and Nakeesha will be livin like white mothafokas that work fo a libbin !

  • commoneagle January 6, 2007

    vigle anti sp? if you don't know what it says becasue it is spelled wrong your the dummie

    justice should make a full comback so we could get the prisions emptied out a bit.... kill um all let god sort them out.

  • theaussie January 6, 2007

    It don't matter if your black or white! You just get beat up if your not white.

  • imbetu January 6, 2007

    Im white and they beat me up? Yae, I peeed all over the hood of their car but fuck, they made me stand there...

  • detroitleanin January 6, 2007

    imbetu you make me proud. Seriously!

  • carnutts4sure January 7, 2007

    Fuck that NIGGER ! He didn't have a problem shooting the people that owned that van he stole !

  • ramafistfadge January 7, 2007

    all they needed to do is put crack in his pocket and give him an extra 10yrs!

  • blastacracker January 9, 2007

    typical government thugs.

  • britsontour January 11, 2007

    fake !

  • pablosdog January 11, 2007

    There was no beating, he hit his head getting in the cruiser :-)

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