Two Heads Are Better Than One

Jesse U.
4,349 Views 1 decade ago

I'm surprised that snake was able to last a year out in the wild. I wonder how that two headed steak would taste.

  • thegreatest January 11, 2007


  • useful_idiot January 12, 2007

    First Bitches.........

  • 1tothedome January 12, 2007

    Funny nb. It would be funny if they found a male chicken with two heads. Somebody could carry it around and say "Do you want to touch my two headed cock!"

  • penguin January 12, 2007

    but there was no chicken so what r u goin on about?????????????????????????????????????????

  • spydablakk January 12, 2007


  • big_daddy305 January 12, 2007

    Two headed animals (including that two headed chick in high school.) makes me wonder what is the world coming to? Have we multiplied so much that even the ANIMALS have genetic side effects caused by inbreeding and evolution?

  • geeperstalkin January 12, 2007

    im gonna name this snake bush cheney the two faced fuckers piss me off

  • dickbush January 13, 2007

    bullseye, geeper.

  • ramafistfadge January 13, 2007

    thanks crazyshit for waisting 2minutes of my life!!

  • pablosdog January 17, 2007

    that shit creeps me out!

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