It Could Happen To Any One

Jesse U.
6,605 Views 1 decade ago

This scenario happens to me on a regular basis. Your behind some slow motherfucker and you try to get up from behind him, only difference is I check for speeding cars.

  • sdg January 19, 2007


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  • beelzebub January 19, 2007

    u got first post...thats the first thing everyone who watches this video will read.....and teh best you can come up with is "cool"????

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  • peoplevshoople January 19, 2007

    It would have been real fucking nice if they slowed the clip down to normal

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  •   big_daddy305 January 19, 2007

    only a true fucking moron drives into speeding traffic causing this accident. But I guarantee this.. BET HE'LL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.

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  • drone January 19, 2007

    Due to the majority of one-way streets and the inconsistent freeway on-ramps, at any given moment 12 percent of drivers in Portland, Oregon are lost or off of their intended path.

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  • dunedain January 19, 2007


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  • jesus January 19, 2007

    Sometimes Jesus drives a church bus and keeps on the lookout for some fucking asshole with a pretend spoiler on the ass end of his chartreuse shitbox and wallmart triple wiper blades coming up behind. Well just when the little fuck comes hauling ass, Jesus rips the bus into his lane with no kind of warning whatsoever, and then through the bus mirror watches the little shitwad take to the dirt. Then -- check this -- the little puke starts to tailgate the bus so Jesus waits a little while for the little flaming assipe to get complacent then locks 'em up so the little hunk of toasted afterbirth plants his zit ravaged face into his cheap ass jap windshied. It's a bigger trip than walking on water or hanging with whores anyday!

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  • detroitleanin January 19, 2007

    Big daddy I believe you are correct sir.

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  • nightshift187 January 19, 2007

    I hate driving, scares the fucking shit out of me day in and day out!

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  • geeperstalkin January 20, 2007

    I think he was trying to get out of going to his mother in laws house...........

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  • carnutts4sure January 20, 2007

    I think he was getting a BJ from his girlfriend and the back of her head hit the steering wheel causing her teeth to clamp down on his Johnson just as he was about to change lanes and this caused the whole damn thing ? You gals need to be more careful when nobbing the ol Pete while we're behind the wheel . Not only could someone die , we could get teeth marks on our shit and have to tell our oladys it got caught in our zipper ! And guys, raise that tilt wheel up so her head has more room for "PETES" sake !!!! Pun intended !

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  • rottenapple January 20, 2007

    that sounds about right geeperstalkin!!!!

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  • koochie_eater January 20, 2007

    This is one of the main reasons I Personally hate car drivers. Majority of you people are fucking idiots outhere!! I drive a 18 wheeler truck for a living it's bad enough that they'll tailgate you, talking on the phone, eating, and giving you the finger if ur in the slow lane.As Though these people are in a race that there's a price money or trophy in the end where they are going to!.I've seen it all. Although; I ride my 05'Yamaha FZ-1 and smoke all of you bitches outhere! Nothing's more fun than passing a stupid car driver @ 150MPH when he's going 80MPH. They got that forlorn look on their faces & it Pisses them off to no end. I have yet to be passed by some idiot in car...(Well exept for that Nice Ferrari F-50 who passed me & gave me a thumbs up...kudos to that driver coz he made me cry!)

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  • carnutts4sure January 21, 2007

    Yeh koochie_eater , they'll be scraping what little brains you have from the pavement unless your immature ass learns how to slow that badass Yamaha down thinking you are 10 ft. tall and bulletproof ! It's young punkass fucking idiots like you that cause more wrecks than anyone on the roads and that's already a proven statistic dipshit ! But hey , this video opened up the door for you to brag about your badass Yamaha so it's all good huh ? By the way , I own a Bourget low-blow chopper with 128HP to the rear wheel that will smoke that fucking JAP CRAP'S ass ! I just have enough brains to do it at the dragstrip unlike your dumb ass ! A track is built to race on you fucking punk IDIOT and not a road with families traveling on . You gives you the right to put inocent lives in danger driving at speeds of 150 mph around them ? I would find your ass and beat the fucking shit out of it just because you deserve it !

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  • audio666 January 22, 2007


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  • pablosdog January 23, 2007

    I played it over and over and could not be certain that the one car got clipped first shitlooker but I will say if you are driving 30 or 35 over the speed limit it is hard to judge how fast you are coming. I would assign 50% blame to both idiots. Of course, who cares what I think except me!

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  • welshlongman January 27, 2007

    shitlooker writes, u hav 3 mirrors and a neck that turns 180*,so look before u leap mofo. totally agree,apart from the bit where your head turns 180*,that is some adams family shit.if you really can do that u also should have your picture posted,titled 180* head turning mother offence meant shitlooker.

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