Monster Truck Flip

Jesse U.
5,106 Views 1 decade ago

It would have been bad ass if he actually landed back on his wheels. He was so close. Better luck next time buddy.

  • miked January 22, 2007

    look at me go nigger

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  • jesus January 22, 2007

    Abortion free on demand, sunsabitches.

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  • carnutts4sure January 22, 2007

    That was FAKE ! Hey look at those cock-eyed titties over there from New York on jenasea34 !Ones at 9:00 oclock where it's supposed to be and the other is stuck on 2:00 !

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  • spydablakk January 22, 2007


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  •   big_daddy305 January 22, 2007

    lol.. call a cab. It'll get you to work tomorrow..

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  • imbetu January 22, 2007

    jesus... a fuckin truck indos and you try to put the words together to say something about abortion...fuck you are stupid...really an could be a fuckin genious for all I know....but I think your stupid,stupid

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  • detroitleanin January 22, 2007

    Imbetu I agree with you and Im trying not to go of on the cocksuker Sometimes I say stupid shit but he seems to be real consistant with being a real hemroid.

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  • piscesman January 23, 2007

    you alright pal? yea i feel fucking brilliant, just had a crowd witness my fuck up, my hearts pounding as if ive just done a marathon run on coke, my head just broke the steering wheel, my balls just slipped up my arse using shit as a lubricant, my wife in the crowd has probably passed out, i just saw my dead granmother behind a bright light, my kids think im dead, im not even insured, my cell phone has pierced my thigh to the bone and youre filming it, please put this on the net just to make sure im known to all my friends as a cunt, thanks mate

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  • rottenapple January 23, 2007

    should of had an airbag

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  • ramafistfadge January 23, 2007

    yeah and ive bit me top lip off!and fookin cracked me skull on the wheel...if he was goin faster he would av rolled back onto the wheels,tosser!walk it off!

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  • beyondskrewed January 23, 2007

    "woo-Hoo we got it on video! Now we can show Maw!!"

    Nah, I love monster trucks, but sorry that was just a truck :)

    U want monster trucks come to Monster Jam with me at the Dome here in STL here in a few eeks ;)

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  • burton4life January 25, 2007

    not a monster truck you dumb shit

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