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posted by Jesse U on 1/27/2007

200 Pound Explosion

This is what I like to call the argument winner. It just seems to settle things.
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War / Military

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
First... Sweet X plosion!
posted on: 01-27-07 @ 3:02 AM

no more ally,s snackbar,....
posted on: 01-27-07 @ 5:49 AM

nuke the fukers,but i do wonder if u yanks r so calm and collected wen bombing us brits,under so called friendly fire,only jokin.
posted on: 01-27-07 @ 7:49 AM

forth thunderbitch
posted on: 01-27-07 @ 12:41 PM

Narrator was hilarious! lol
posted on: 01-27-07 @ 1:33 PM

I wanna play. They got way better toys than Nam. Oh, and "welshlongman" ..Friendly fire casualities are a fact of every conflict. The good news is that the numbers are going down. Way down.. Think about it, How good are our combined (USA/UK) forces, when we accidently kill more of our own than our enemies, can ever hope to. Belive me, American soldiers and citizens grieve the lose of yours, as if they were ours.
posted on: 01-27-07 @ 1:53 PM

posted on: 01-27-07 @ 2:33 PM

looks fun
posted on: 01-27-07 @ 2:40 PM

If you guys want to check these kind of videos out a week ahead of time, check out liveleak
posted on: 01-27-07 @ 3:27 PM

That clip was SHIT!
posted on: 01-27-07 @ 3:37 PM

atleast muslims say a prayer for whoever is about to die, unlike that cold hearted CUNT, I hope he has his head taken off, bollox you lot can cuss me, i stick by my comment
posted on: 01-27-07 @ 4:43 PM

remind me to say a prayer the next time im on a murdering spree,and that will make everything a.o.k.
posted on: 01-27-07 @ 5:03 PM

cool vid but why was he monologging?blah blah blah just blow the fookin thing up will ya!
posted on: 01-27-07 @ 5:35 PM

awesome, lights out!
posted on: 01-27-07 @ 9:05 PM

you know what i meant welshlongman, you cant just go to another country, blow shit up and try and change everything, a bomb that big has no specific target, it kills whoevers in the area, kids, women, the lot, prayer or no prayer its all fucked up, that soldier is going on about living in hell for the last 7 days? then fuck off home, he dont wanna be there, the iraqis dont want him there, it just pisses me off when i hear u lot encouraging this shit
posted on: 01-27-07 @ 10:23 PM

piscescunt , you are so full of fucking shit your eyes are brown BOY ! The Muslims pray to fucking Alla to accept them into his kingdom with virgins waiting for what they are about to do to the EVIL AMERICANS that must all die you ignorant raving stupid fuck ! I have listened to more fucking ignorance out of your ass in the last two days than I have witnessed on here all put together in a month ! Close your eyes if you can’t handle what’s going on in a WAR ZONE you pussy ass motherfucker ! Go hide back under your mommies skirt that probably has more balls than you when it comes to fighting for a cause you spineless piece of human waist !
posted on: 01-28-07 @ 2:24 AM

Here’s the way I look at it . I see a bunch of motherfuckers on here talking shit about AMERICA but one thing I know for sure is this , When your countries ass is in a financial crisis you call on AMERICA to bail your sorry asses out , when your country is getting its’ ass beat in wars or threats to its’ well being you call on AMERICA to come bail your sorry asses out , once you motherfuckers are out of your crisis situations after AMERICA has came to your aid ONCE AGAIN , then you feel the need to turn your back and talk shit about the very nation that came to your rescue ! It’s ungreatful motherfuckers like you that this world is full of and AMERICA continues to come to your aid when called upon because we are the most giving super power on this fucking planet PERIOD ! This country has been on constant terrorist attack for over a decade now and she has finally had enough and strikes back and all you pussy ass bleeding heart motherfuckers talk shit ! Your country wasn’t talking shit when you needed us though huh ? And welsh I am sorry if you actually lost some of your personal friends in Iraq although I doubt it very seriously and you are just using that story to talk your shit ! Even if you actually did , guess what dude ? More American lives have been lost fighting wars to protect British freedom than your own fucking countrymen and that’s a FACT dumbass ! American lives have been lost to protect other countries for fucking years and you know why ? BECAUSE AMERICA IS NOT FULL OF A BUNCH OF SPINELESS PUSSIES THAT HIDE AND WAIT FOR "BIG BROTHER" TO COME AND TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS ! British military died in a WAR ZONE welsh ! Casualties of "FRIENDLY FIRE" occur in almost every WAR ZONE from the first fucking one ! When you join the military guess what welsh ? THERE IS A PROBABILITY THAT YOU MAY HAVE TO GO INTO COMBAT AND LOOSE YOUR LIFE ! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THE MILITARY IS , THE FUCKING BOYSCOUTS WITH WEAPONS SITTING AROUND A CAMPFIRE ROASTING MARSHMELLOWS ? You motherfuckers pull your heads out of your fucking asses before AMERICA decides to start turning it’s back on you ungreatful un-worthy pieces of shit ! Sit back and see how your world crumbles around your dumb asses without AMERICAN support !
posted on: 01-28-07 @ 11:01 AM

PS. I’m just a poor fucking white boy that is struggling to make it day by day painting and restoring classic cars with my own two hands and I don’t cry bitch and moan about being poor and blame everyone else because I don’t have money to pay all my bills every month but one thing is for sure , I STILL LOVE MY COUNTRY AND FUCK ANYBODY THAT DOESN"T !!!!!!!! That being said , don’t think I’m some motherfucker that hasn’t had to earn what little I have and I damn sure deserve to have an opinion even if you don’t like it ! You young snot nosed motherfuckers still living in mommy and daddys’ house that haven’t been out in the REAL WORLD yet only have the right to sit there and listen to motherfuckers just like me because you haven’t EARNED the right to have a fucking opinion yet ! Now let me hear from some fuck that’s taking some colledge courses that thinks you are putting in "hard time" and have an opinion about how hard life is ! I’m not talking about the older generation that’s back in colledge trying to better themselves either because they have probably already earned it ! Anyway , my views are only one Americans’ views as if it really matters but I’d be willing to bet what little I have that there are millions of others out there that can feel where I’m coming from !
posted on: 01-28-07 @ 11:31 AM

reply 2 nonutts4sure.royal welsh fusilier iwas.hard workin mother fuker i am,gollege goin student i’ve been.our country is slightly smaller than yours,our economy is far greater than yours.third world country needs billions wiping off a debt,they bring it up at a g8 summit.guess wat,we wipe this debt out.the only time america is owed money is wen there has been a fukin war.if our country was as big as yours im sure,sowould be our armed forces,and let me tell you if this were the case,you’d be nocking on our door asking for help.there are the facts.....oh one more thin,let us not forget we are on the same side.
posted on: 01-28-07 @ 1:21 PM

IF is a big word welsh ! Well your country is not as big as ours and it never will be and America gets itself in so much debt by helping other countries in need . Now.....IF...... America would stop continuing to help out countries that BEG for our support , we would not have such a financial burden put upon us , but that’s not the case here is it welsh ? We give , we give , we give , we take shit , we give more we give more , we take more shit , and we continue to be the most giving country on this planet ! The American people will give you the shirt of our backs if needed but we are some sorry motherfuckers if we take the same shirt to strangle your ass if we are pushed to that point ? Like I said , everyone kisses Americas ass when they need it but as soon as they are back in thier comfort zone , America is a sorry ass country ? With friends or supposed allies that think this way and treat us as such , who in the fuck needs enemies ? We may very well be on the same side welsh but the British never will see eye to eye with American actions unless it benifits your country in some form ! I would lay my life down to protect you and your family if I was called to do so welsh , would YOU do the same without question ? If you hesitated in your answer and had to think about it , you just proved my point as to why our countries may share alot of the same beliefs yet we are so different . Let us all realize that Bush is only a single man and although he is the president of the United States , it took many more in office than just he to initialize military deployment into Iraq . Unless you are Hell bent on death and destruction , I don’t know of any sane human being that wants WAR among other humans . I wish for the life of me when leaders of countries are about to venture into war they could all just sit down and smoke a big fat one or whatever it takes to come up with one gigantic group hug , but I just don’t see it happening ! People in general are killing the world upon which we live today and soon , yes so very soon the world itself will be killing us unless we start loving it as much as we love our meaningless material objects that we seem to charish more than life itself ! Man is so consumed with materialistic objects that he holds a blind eye to the world crumbling to it’s very knees around him and when he finally comes to realization he will hold true to his nature and blame all others but himself !
posted on: 01-28-07 @ 3:23 PM

my missus says not to talk to you anymore because she thinks you are smarter than i am.wat say you?
posted on: 01-28-07 @ 5:23 PM

I say more likely than not she has made a correct assumption yet I do not judge others on thier level of intellegence but rather on thier ability to listen , comprehend , and use that knowledge in a positive way for themselves and the others that it may effect . Levels of intellect are absolutely useless if simple common sense is not applied with it ! Don’t take your toys and run yet welsh , I’m just starting to think you have spirit !
posted on: 01-28-07 @ 7:30 PM

NONUTTS4SURE... not runin just yet,but you wil have to bear wiv me,its 2am over here and i gotta b up in 4 hours 4 work un i aint asleep yet.We shall meet again NOB SOCKET.L8r.
posted on: 01-28-07 @ 8:52 PM

I have nutts the size of grapefruits welch , just ask your missus about them ! LOL Anyway , get some rest my British allie so we can battle with our complete senses ! Good night and I bid you plesant dreams of the fat chick doing sit-ups !
posted on: 01-28-07 @ 10:06 PM

Carnutts4sure Im impressed with your posts especially the parts about commonsense! there dosent seem like much of that is around these days.
posted on: 01-28-07 @ 11:00 PM

carnutts and welsh... I commend you !!! nice fight ... carnutts : hands down, very well written...!Welsh good sport!!!
posted on: 01-28-07 @ 11:16 PM

^^^^cheers dude.RE..nonutts4sure,my missus says yu nuts r like desicated grapes,not normal grapes but really small seedles grapes.by the way that was some nasty shit,puttin the image of fat chick in my mind before bed time.you is a meannnn mofo
posted on: 01-29-07 @ 8:25 AM

jus finished job,bak home and bored.Iknow this site is bout pics and vids,but nothing new on.SO igo lookin on work sites,am builder with first skill as plumber.look in america for plumber and keeps comin bak journeyman.WTF is aJOURNEYMAN?? sorry if im boring you.can someone answer my ???
posted on: 01-29-07 @ 9:15 AM

^^^^hey superior welshlongman,you must be mad lookin 4 work in the USA.you know there fukin crazy over there.im sooooooo bored im chattin shit to myself..blah.blah.blah.
posted on: 01-29-07 @ 10:10 AM

Journeyman simply means that you have been tested and passed to become a licsensed plumber which most building contractors must hire due to thier liability insurance and , or work bonds . If you are not a journeyman they will hire you as a helper only which means they’ll skull fuck you to death on a helper’s wage ! If you are good the test is simple and easy to take . I’ve done enough plumbing over the years I think even I could pass it . Peace , gotta go open up my shop and get to work . It’s been raining in my part of Texas for the last 3 weeks and classic car restoration and rain don’t mix so I’m waaaaay behind ! LOL
posted on: 01-29-07 @ 10:11 AM

thats power
posted on: 01-29-07 @ 10:31 PM

Yo’ carnuts, haven’t been around much. But I like what you said. It’s about fucking time somebody took a stand and said something serious, and straight to the point. I and all my military brothers in arms SALUTE YOU!
posted on: 01-30-07 @ 8:58 PM

I salute you back with love in my heart for all you guys greasemunky ! I also wish I was right in front of you leading the way but the military doesn’t take old fuckers like me in thier 40’s now so I as well as all others here at home depend on you guys to carry us proud and I believe that you are doing just that ! Come home safe my brothers and do not think for one minute that there isn’t millions just like me waiting here with open arms for you to return !
posted on: 01-30-07 @ 9:48 PM

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