Dick In A Box : Madison Square Garden

Jesse U.
7,239 Views 1 decade ago

When I first saw this video I thought it was funny as hell, but I never dreamed it was going to get this big. Those guys at Saturday Night Live got themselves a hit.

  • t_dog8 February 9, 2007

    O.k...couldn't even finish video, sucks!!!

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  • yourfired February 9, 2007

    first again

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  • peoplevshoople February 9, 2007


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  • badass1 February 9, 2007

    Fuck That

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  •   big_daddy305 February 9, 2007

    It's my DICK IN A BOX! You guys just have to see the fucking video to this song. They posted it a couple months ago.. shit is hilarious.. listen to the words a little more closely.. you might feel the same.......

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  • mwofchaos February 9, 2007

    they was jacking off to a box and got caught and said i'm working on a new song

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  • 1tothedome February 9, 2007

    The real music video is alot better than this crap. Look it up, stoners. You obviously aren't doing anything productive right now. Might as well watch a funny video!

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  • sleeko February 9, 2007


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  • namehere37 February 9, 2007

    WTF hasnt there been a video of tits in a box forever ? both of them are fucking stupid

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  • imbetu February 9, 2007

    Ive seen both originals... there both stupid!!!

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  • teamshowoff February 10, 2007

    i put my dick in a box and i got a rash

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  • justsomegirl February 10, 2007

    LOL....this was funny as hell the 1st time i saw it....

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  • welshlongman February 10, 2007

    guys i must have missed the point somwhere here,i dont understand what is happenin?????

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  • misslatin215 February 10, 2007


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  • commoneagle February 13, 2007

    t_dog8 wrote:

    O.k...couldn’t even finish video, sucks!!!

    ......................................................no doubt not only does it suck it is stupid derogatory, imbecilic, ridiculous, childish/ immature, and lets not forget nauseous, sicking, trashy, dirty, not to mention hideous, and a testimony to where society is going and that is down hill in many ways. The people who think this shit is funny (no real offense intended you did not chose to be feeble minded) are probably the ones who don't think it is wrong to sit in their car idling for no reason and don't even yet believe we humans are destroying the earth at a pace at least twice as fast as was predicted years ago. Still more time and money is spent/wasted in the pursuit of what morons think is happiness. They are mindlessly exploiting any fucking thing they can for fun or a laugh even human dignity. Oh yes this video is devoid of dignity.

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