Head On

Jesse U.
6,830 Views 1 decade ago

That guy is so lucky that truck wasn't moving fast or that might have been the end of him.

  • skyartist February 27, 2007

    Built Ford Tough

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  • jamaica4life February 27, 2007

    dam rednecks

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  • racefan February 27, 2007

    I think he was trying to catch the fedex truck to give him a package...now he is gonna lose his job...HahahahahaHe is gay!

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  • gurtman23 February 27, 2007


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  • peoplevshoople February 27, 2007


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  • bigcack February 27, 2007

    this is from I80 in nebraska...i have to drive truck locally for the oilfield in southwest wyoming and when the roads get shitty like this, especially an intersate as busy as I80...dumbass motherfuckers don't know how to slow the fuck down

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  • pablosdog February 27, 2007

    Hey CrazyShit, anyway you can reduce the size of your watermark? we miss half the video because of your overbearing self-promotion. Thanks.

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  • dunedain February 27, 2007

    did anyone else not have sound on this clip and is anyone else having trouble logging in today or is it just my sorry ass.thanks my niggers

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  • yokiti February 27, 2007

    Take that, bitch!

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  • misslatin215 February 27, 2007


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  • 1tothedome February 27, 2007

    Ive got 4 wheel drive - why the fuck would I slow down? im just gonna whip it into the other lane and get around these catious drivers and - Oh shit Im going to die cause Im stupid.

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  • carnutts4sure February 27, 2007

    I can't hear shit either dune?

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  • theblob06 February 28, 2007

    thanks my niggers...dain you so funny and carnutts you dont hear shit you smell it. butt dont fuck with it

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  • carnutts4sure March 1, 2007

    I beg to differ with you blobster , sometimes when it's REAL QUIET I can hear my shit as it slides out of my tight virgin asshole just before I pinch it off log by log and it splashes into the awaiting bowl of water ready to carry it to it's destiny like surfer finds a good wave !

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  • crashtest69 March 1, 2007

    i bet the dork in the pick-up has a real tight butthole now

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