User Submitted : The Orlando Crash

Jesse U.
4,956 Views 1 decade ago

Man that guy sure picked up speed right before he smacked right into that wall, guy was lucky to survive that.

  • firefighter76 March 2, 2007


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  • iraqi-genocide March 2, 2007


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  • skoal36 March 2, 2007

    them crazy duke's of hazzard boys

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  • crashtest69 March 2, 2007

    i like fire..and fire fighters put out fires..and they cant count wonder i think they are dorks

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  • pablosdog March 2, 2007

    Whenever I am about to crash I like to hit the NOX button.

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  • youngblood48 March 2, 2007

    hey crashtest you had another good run.....

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  • eltrut March 2, 2007

    What a fucking waste of money...

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  • 1tothedome March 2, 2007

    Ricky Bobby?

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  • crashtest69 March 3, 2007

    indeed yb48 thanx for appreciating crash art...but seriously,is that a pontiac tempest,or a chevelle with no grill or bumper?if its a tempest he just whacked, its a make and model that just sold at a southeastern auction for 240,000...long live the american muscle car

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  • burgiebird March 3, 2007

    He back pedaled to regain control. Thats a fast car and he was probably doing 170 mph when he hit. If you have ever driven a 9 second car you would know. Dont talk shit about the driver. He probably put 6 years of his life into that car.

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  • crashtest69 March 4, 2007

    your right there about the 9..that v-8 was processing atmosphere like a fuckin jet engine.ide do alot of practicing B 4 tappin that car

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  • carnutts4sure March 4, 2007

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  • 1tothedome March 5, 2007

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  • youngblood48 March 5, 2007

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  • deadwatcher March 7, 2007

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