Car Vs Pedestrian

Jesse U.
3,890 Views 1 decade ago

Poor guy never saw it coming. By the time he realized what was happening it was all over.

  • n-word March 3, 2007

    allah akbar!

  • zazu pitts March 3, 2007

    No one went to help the poor fucker who got hit, they all ran to the vehicle like he wasn't even there. WTF?

  • miked March 3, 2007

    balll sack

  • racefan March 3, 2007

    Guy on the ground was awake...the people knew he would put up a fight if they tried to give him rabbit ears..

  • misslatin215 March 3, 2007

    poor guy....

  • irishfighter March 3, 2007

    old woman driver whats the bets.

  • diesel91 March 3, 2007

    Foreign National fresh off the boat is my bet.

  • 1tothedome March 3, 2007

    Looks like a mob hit

  • youngblood48 March 3, 2007

    he tried to get know those leggs are crushed....fuck and nobody comes to his aide....typical

  • yourmom March 4, 2007

    ok this is your mom here all you fuckin niggers should die i wish that guy in the clip was a nigger so he could be dead too

  • badblueboy March 4, 2007

    have you seen that?!One nigger came and stole the radio out of the car and the wallet of the no leg bitch!

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