The Human Sling Shot

Jesse U.
3,924 Views 1 decade ago

Every time I look up some one is coming up with some sicker, even more extreme thing to try. I have to admit though this one looks like a intense ride.

  • ____andy____ March 4, 2007

    im first bitchssss

  • racefan March 4, 2007

    Everywhere I go people are always doing this to me!!! Why???

  • yourmom March 4, 2007

    you want extreme sleep with a chick that has an std then you can call ur self a man

  • gundevil March 4, 2007


  • zazu pitts March 4, 2007

    That is fucking wack!

  • big_daddy305 March 4, 2007

    I hope that the G forces renders him unconscious and he doesn't come to in time to pull the ripcord on his parachute... and comes to just seconds from certain death and his last thought is... damn, I shouldn't have done it. MORON.. lmao... ha ha ha ha ha!

  • miked March 4, 2007

    that shit was hardcore. big daddy you are a pussy.

  • dunedain March 4, 2007

    would have been cooler if he splatted into the mountain

  • gagher March 4, 2007

    that´s a much better idea than claypigeons...

  • calinte March 4, 2007

    that was cool i would do that.

  • big_daddy305 March 5, 2007

    miked... are you talking about that time at the bar when I let you get your high ass beat all by yourself? That doesn't make me a pussy. It just means that I let you get your ass beat by yourself for hitting on that trailer guy's sister/wife...

  • pablosdog March 5, 2007

    good clean fun!!!!

  • 1tothedome March 5, 2007

    Thats fuckin sweet

  • sleeko March 5, 2007

    They're are sooo many ways that could have gone wrong..

  • bigidiot March 5, 2007

    THAT was some crazyshit

  • carnutts4sure March 5, 2007

    Definitely need to make sure you take a good shit before you yell "launch" on this one !

  • machine March 6, 2007

    ^^this guy left the furoms because of his shirt^^

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