Topless Boxing

Jesse U.
89,595 Views 1 decade ago

Did I die and go to heaven. I mean what else do you need besides topless girls and a cat fight? Ok besides liquor and maybe a little sweet cheeba.

  • entertainingly March 9, 2007

    They're both men....can't u see their balls?

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  • drummerguybrad March 9, 2007

    The winner should get her pussy ate out by the loser and the loser should get the biggest cock in the world ramed up her ass 586 times

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  • crashtest69 March 9, 2007

    smack her titties,smack up on those titties

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  • jinx March 9, 2007

    Fuck, if that was me in the headlock id be twistin that bitches tit, or bitin it off

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  • gurtman23 March 9, 2007

    my pee pee went all hard

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  • phillysnuts March 9, 2007

    i actually enjoyed just listening to the audio! they still fight like girls!

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  • jesus March 9, 2007

    My children, not so long ago, Jesus said he was just so-so on boxing. Well as your bonafide Savior, I claim for myself the right to change my Rightous mind: Jesus is pretty much OK with these naked bitches framming the shit out of each other. If any of ye care to throw the first bone, then verily I say to you poke one of 'em in the rump. You'll get a bye from Me! And crashtest69, even though you're a detestible heap of human compost, I like your idea of the bitches smackign each other's titties. Anybody got some weed?

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  • pablosdog March 9, 2007

    entertainigly, if you can see balls bro you're in a world of shit!! I didn't think the Tito Ortiz/Dana White grudge match was until next month ;-)

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  • sleeko March 9, 2007

    Fuck'n A, there is a GOD.....

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  • t_dog8 March 9, 2007

    They coulda been better looking, geeeeezzzz.....But I would hit that pussy with some gloves on.....

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  • detroitleanin March 9, 2007

    I liked it!

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  • ugotdubbed March 10, 2007

    fuk yea lol^^ that wasnt a bad fight either

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  • deadfred March 10, 2007

    Hey get the hell off my pussy!!!Man they must have came many times while getting their asses kicked.Pretty close quarters though.Nice tits!!

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  • detroitleanin March 10, 2007

    OH MY!

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  • detroitleanin March 11, 2007

    Such petulant pussy

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  • stiffy October 13, 2008

    give her a cunt punt

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