Dropping Bombs

Jesse U.
4,363 Views 1 decade ago

This a nice compilation of atomic explosions. I some of these are pretty impressive. A whole lot better than the older footage.

  • ronsxi March 12, 2007

    i bet u guys the girl from the first vid can split the atom with that fart

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  • hornet6 March 12, 2007

    ^^^this is actually infrared footage of that chick's farts!^^^

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  • beyondfear March 12, 2007

    Who knows the name of this band?

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  • 1tothedome March 12, 2007

    Im glad I didnt drop acid right before I watched this. I felt like I was tripping anyway during some of those clips

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  • n-word March 12, 2007

    reminds me of the ending of zabriskie point and dr.strangelove

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  • drtyrell March 12, 2007

    What song is that?

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  • gagher March 12, 2007

    what a fucking waste to drop all of those bombs in all the wrong places...

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  • dunedain March 12, 2007

    i spread disease like a dog discharge my payload a mile high rotten egg air of death wrestles your nostrils launch the polaris the end does not scare us when will this cease the warheads will all rust in peace iradication of earths population loves polaris

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  • imbetu March 12, 2007

    Well' I watched the first 2 min.

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  • imbetu March 13, 2007

    What the fuck would anyone do with 69 women anyway... fuck I'm happy with just one....yae i've been around the block...lots a times

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  • metalheadbob March 13, 2007

    Dude, The band is Strapping Young Lad

    and the song is called Love?,

    off thir album Alien.

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  • deadfred March 13, 2007

    Sumpins glowin in the dark!!!

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  • crashtest69 March 13, 2007

    i only got one thing to say.iran,syria,saudi arbia(thats where 19 of the highjackers was from) pakistan,afghanistan,iran.how nice it would be.i guess thats alotta things,but its cool im fogged

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  • gagher March 13, 2007

    SHITLOOKER: I don´t know about the virgin thing, u have to be a real moron just to consider the thought that u´r gonna have all the virgin pussy u like in "heaven", if u kill yourself and take a bunch of people with u! BUT (!!!) let´s NOT get their hopes off, as long as they´re blowing themselves and their own peps up, we can only be nice enough to encourage them and hope they do a bang up job by them selves without taking our fine soldiers with them! If that´s the case anyway, lets just hope that the soldiers get the most virginpussy ( and ass, ofcourse) up there and bitchsmack that silly camelfucker allah n his little pedophile buttmonkey mohammad around to wipe they´re asses with the koran after they´ve sodomized eachother n all the other camelfuckers supposivly there!!!

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  • party_boy_mike March 14, 2007

    Hopefully they take you with them to hell where they will fuck you in the ass for being retarded and acting like a nigger!! Fuckin gag on this!!! God damn your retarded why the fuck do people like you still alive...do me a favor and lift your head up high and blow your brains out!!

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  • commoneagle March 14, 2007

    drtyrell wrote:

    What song is that? .........................................................it is called screaming banchies from moron music masters idiot albums.

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  • gagher March 14, 2007

    POOPY: why the fuck do people like you still alive? Who´s retarded? acting like a nigger? I don´t have a problem with black people, but i do hate white ignorant inbreed motherfuckers who wants to convert into islam and come out of the closet as gay but don´t have the balls for it... But hey, u´r right, one of us should have saved u from sucking daddy´s cock, and u probably would´ave come out right, but... we didn´t...sad...

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  • curator134 March 14, 2007

    only stupid fucking Americans would iradiate the world with their stupid A-bomb tests STUPID FUCKS

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  • theblob06 March 14, 2007

    we are so smart we can kill any and everything god gave us, i am so proud of us all

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