There's probably a better way of doing that

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Greg J.
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I think there should be some kind of PhD program for people who operate cherry pickers. Everytime I see one of these things something goes horribly wrong. Either that or they should be used strictly for picking fruit.

  • neotech April 26, 2007


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  •   rodgtard April 26, 2007

    aaaahhhh yes ,the law of hydraulics shown at its

    worst, while trying to use it at its best!i would have been sayin fuck that! they had to know there was a real possibility of the ride bleeding down. or they were just butt stupid carnies wanting to ride in the new fangled bucket ride,,,yuk yuk yuk

    shes my sister! shes my sister!

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  • sleeko April 26, 2007

    The only thing that worked here, was Newtons Laws of Physics

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  • white666wolf66 April 26, 2007

    ha ha ha slants cant build anything right!!!!! are ya with me?

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  • beyondskrewed April 26, 2007


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  •   rodgtard April 26, 2007

    you think theres residual radiation floating around a couple cities over there?you know a child is born with an extra arm.and its only real

    use would be to jack his slant eyed 3 inch cock

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  • theblob06 April 26, 2007

    Captain I'm afraid there is no intellegent life down on that planet, sir.....but,scotty,i,have,spoken to humans down there myself.............,dont mak me rdepete myself captain

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  • anoyherdayhear April 26, 2007

    What kinda ride was that?

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  • hatedogs April 26, 2007

    Bastards were practically asking for it. Fuck'em, caveat emptor.

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  • crashtest69 April 26, 2007


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  • jgimages April 26, 2007

    i bet it was the same construction company from the other video.....dumb fucks

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  • theblob06 April 27, 2007

    ^^you would certainly know one to see one. I mean being the stund little fucker that you are. Can't wait to have a good belly laugh at you homo pics. I love freakshows!! hahahahaha

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  • skoal36 April 27, 2007

    the advantages of wearing a safty belt, ah fuck it

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  • throttlejockey April 28, 2007

    Hey sleeko, yup, gravity. Still works, every time.

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  • commoneagle April 28, 2007

    first bitches is just plain stupid to say neodork

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  • joecommonsense May 1, 2007

    you mean to tell me that they couldn't fly their way down to the bottom like in the movies???? you know that sound affex, fltrrtttflrttttflrttttlfltttttt?

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