The sound of victory!

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Greg J.
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You hear that? You know what that sound is don't you? That sounds like we are gonna win buddy. Hey why is my arm hangin down all funny like that. Where did all this excruciating pain come from? Think I'll have the trainer take a look at this.

  • darkman78852 May 3, 2007


  • lickadslit May 3, 2007

    seems to have an extra elbow

  • skoal36 May 3, 2007

    sounded like kindling breaking

  • mumbo May 3, 2007

    Little limp-wristed pansy.

  • beyondskrewed May 3, 2007


  • white666wolf66 May 3, 2007

    oouucchh, sounds more like the snaping of an arm to me

  • teamshowoff May 3, 2007

    fuck that white bitch yea yea big ass pussy trying to act like a nigger yea yea fuck all you fucking niggers

  • theblob06 May 3, 2007


  • mike8putang May 3, 2007

    gay...i just had to say it

  • ramafistfadge May 3, 2007

    that was'nt his was the sound of the elastic in his shorts snappin when he shit his-self when he saw his arm!!!

  • joecommonsense May 3, 2007

    'have a coke and a smile, a six pack of soda a day, helps snap your bones away, when coca cola puts "with calcium" on thier cans, then you don't have to worry, about your bones goin blan.'

  • anoyherdayhear May 4, 2007

    He needs more milk,for strong bones,healthy hair,and whiter teeth.

  • datstuddpinky May 5, 2007


  • dgk May 6, 2007

    WTF i really cant see where that happened

  • blowsmoke November 14, 2010

    I heard it the first time I watched it and i was like when is the camera guy going to pull away from the game....

  • daddy_fat_sack November 3, 2011

    Gay gay gay gay Gayyyyyyyy

    Nowhere near to death-_-!

    Get that shit outta here

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