This couldn't have ended well

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Greg J.
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This guy had to have some serious burns on his legs at the least. The only comfort I get from this video is the fact that the guy had to know he was gonna get fucked up by that big ass fireworks. Takes some balls but unfortunately he probably has none left.

  • 3monkeys May 13, 2007

    Holy SHIT!

    say goodbye to ur nutz

  • crashtest69 May 13, 2007

    holy shit!!!!!goddamn

  • mydogguinness May 13, 2007

    yet another way to make sure dumb fucks dont reproduce... keep up the good work

  • briandee May 13, 2007

    ^^^^ could be a lesbo

  • lickadslit May 13, 2007

    well doesnt that just blow your shit away

  • ugotdubbed May 13, 2007

    shit id rather find the G-spot then watch thisfuggin clip again

  • detroitleanin May 13, 2007

    Cost lots less than a vascectomy.

  • rodgtard May 13, 2007

    natural selection at its finest.dee deet dee dee

    dee dee,,,if i only had a brain!!!!!

  • sleeko May 13, 2007

    laydeeluk..You should be happy that the retarded are working hard at removing their DNA from the gene pool.

  • theblob06 May 13, 2007

    Thats right lady. Only me an sleeko are possible donners. and if you are a lesbo like brian dee said you must post your breast on this site. All the gals do it.

  • big_daddy305 May 14, 2007

    Atleast he'll never be able to reproduce anymore fucking idiot children.. .

  • mrs_walker May 14, 2007

    Just call me Balls Houdini.

  • bomozy May 17, 2007

    wow!talk about roasted nuts

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