Hey at least your already at the hospital

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Greg J.
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If you ever get crushed by a car just pray you are as luck as this guy. Of course he was at work doing the whole guard gate thing but still all they have to do is carry him a couple feet to the emergency room. Now the only problem is figuring out how to unwedge his body from behind this car.

  • lickadslit May 16, 2007

    Get your ass back in the box troll

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  • ugotdubbed May 16, 2007

    haha that ass clown didnt even back up

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  •   rodgtard May 16, 2007

    omg!did it cut that fucker into?

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  • sleeko May 16, 2007

    First, the driver will blame the car. Then we'll find out, the driver was 90 yrs old, with Alzheimer’s disease

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  • mrs_walker May 16, 2007

    he was going for detox

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  • skoal36 May 16, 2007

    move along nothing to see here

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  • masterstone May 16, 2007

    this is the first car that pacino drove in scent of a woman. it got better!

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  • stone2474 May 16, 2007

    i bet that mothefucker screamed like a bitch when that car was all up on his ugly ass.

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  • theblob06 May 16, 2007

    I was waiting 4 the guy in the wheelchair to get ran over. Too bad.

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  • brainchowder May 17, 2007

    knee surgery in the middle east

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  • bomozy May 17, 2007

    stupid fuckin shit for brains dickhead dipshit middle east motherfuckers!

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  • jgimages May 17, 2007

    somebody is on my dick^^^^^^^^^^^

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  • bigron101 May 18, 2007

    i bet his head towl got in the way..... he should prolly shower then use the stupid fuckin towl to dry off like a normal fuckin person! or do us all a favor and strap a bomb to his cheast and go blow each other up! because ya know if he does he is promised 72 virgins in his "after life"..its gotta be worth it!

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  • itchy May 19, 2007

    Poor little mofo. That would have to suck big time.I'm just spit balling here but even with all them poeple around ya would have thought someone would have gotten into the car and moved it BACK maybe.

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