We call him Teef

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In memory of all the teeth he used to have. This dude does a triple side flip to a full face plant. If you look real close he ends up chipping the wood and losing a couple teeth. So the only thing anyone will be serving him for a while will be coming in through a straw. By the way if you were wondering today is the International "Why breakdancing is lame and dangerous" Day.

  • 2indastink May 17, 2007

    Fist again Fuckers

  • 2indastink May 17, 2007

    Sti 1 Man Umbrella FEATURES:

    * 5000mm Hydrostatic head waterproofed outer skin

    * Tape sealed seams

    * Supllied with detachable Heavy Duty ground sheet

    * Ultralight 6061 areospace grade Aluminium poles

    * Reinforced P.V.C coated easy thread pole

    * Bar stitched reinforced pegging points

    * Bar stitched reinforced guy rope points

    * Supplied with JRC Heavy Duty peg set

    * SPECIFICATION: POSITION 1: 290cm wide, 220cm deep, 125cm high

    * POSITION 2: 270cm wide, 210cm deep, 130cm high

    * POSITION 3: 250cm wide, 205cm deep, 133cm high

  • ugotdubbed May 17, 2007

    wtf was that!!

  • 2indastink May 17, 2007

    Anyone seen my fucking cat????

  • gottiku May 17, 2007

    Hmmmm.... yes, we will call him Teef..... How CORAL is that.

  • lickadslit May 17, 2007

    Well I guess a beaver he aint, didnt even get through one board

  • itchy May 17, 2007

    Go Teef Go Teef, Stink Loves it when his fisted

  • culprite inc May 17, 2007


  • sleeko May 17, 2007

    ^^No, he got owned!^^

  • joecommonsense May 18, 2007

    wow, and not one N word above. That's because they were all white, whats up with that??????

  • rodgtard May 18, 2007

    hey muh fugga you owe me for floor repair bitch!he went from eatin apples thru a picket fence to apple sauce!BLAH HA HA HA HA!fuckin wiggers,go play in the traffic you fuckin dolts!

  • theblob06 May 18, 2007

    N word? Naughty or Nice?

  • northernblue May 18, 2007

    2indastink - I'll take the STI, how much they going for?

  • teamshowoff May 18, 2007


  • bigron101 May 18, 2007

    if he puts that tooth under his pillow i bet he'll get paid!!! was somone gonna catch him or was he suspose to land it?

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