Kid gets totally owned by huge green ball

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Greg J.
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I remember when I used to play dogeball when I was a kid. That was before they started making the 3 foot tall vulcanized rubber version of them. Needless to say when this kid saw the sun eclipsed he didn't realize there was a small planetoid sized ball heading his way.

  • benedryl June 8, 2007


  • dcisgnar June 8, 2007

    Andy A. gets owned by huge black balls.

  • deadfred June 8, 2007

    Ball kicks ass Third

  • gordonbee June 8, 2007

    lmfao lmfao lmfao lmfao stuped lil shit head

  • skoal36 June 8, 2007

    how do ya remove a VOIT tattoo from your chest

  • culprite inc June 8, 2007

    omg that was the funnyest thing i seen in a while

    thay said the ball was safe and it is its his head hittin the ground lmao

  • sleeko June 8, 2007

    OK, one more time. Keep your eye on the ball

  • big_daddy305 June 8, 2007


  • ugotdubbed June 8, 2007

    HAHA that lil kid got Beaned HARD

  • lickadslit June 8, 2007

    Kid had some big balls

  • rodgtard June 8, 2007

    boys will be boys! walk it off junior.thank god your mom aint here.and dont tell her shit,or ill give you a reason to cry.

  • twistatoe June 8, 2007

    Hahahahahahahahaah!! Ah, everyone runnin' over there, probably scared the shit out of the boy who got hit! Little boy probably started crying and shit. Fat fuckin' bully bitch shoulda known he was gonna blast the little boy.

  • dubz_wifey June 8, 2007

    lmfao.. that little kid got owned son..

  • bacord18 June 8, 2007

    omg! hilarious! was that satan talking at the end of the video?

  • jgimages June 8, 2007

    that ought wake you little fucker.....

  • _cantgetright June 8, 2007

    hahhahah...that's what the little bastard gets for not paying attention. Hello??...remember that you're playing dodge ball not "look at retard to the left".

  • joecommonsense June 8, 2007

    I've seen people knocked out cold and sent to the emergency room playing dodgeball.

  • ugotdubbed June 9, 2007

    ^^ lol were they playing medicene dodgeball?

  • joecommonsense June 9, 2007

    Na, its always on one of those mandatory military fun days, where we all wear the same military uniform to be all the same, but there's some of them who never made it to pro football or baseball and join the military, only to find themselves playing mandatory dodge ball throwing the ball at about 100mph with pinpoint accuracy a peoples' legs.

  • diesel91 June 10, 2007

    Looked like a church youth group. What ever happened to brotherly love and all that shit. HA HA that kid got slammed.

  • drome909 July 20, 2007


  • north_brutha34 January 16, 2009


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