Amazing bowling shot

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Greg J.
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I don't know how this dude pulled this off but it must have taken him forever. Whenever I see something like this it makes me wonder why with all the talents humans have we still can't figure out how to stop the common cold.

  • poopedmypants June 12, 2007


  • skinafuckerrus June 12, 2007

    fucking shitheal

  • sleeko June 12, 2007

    I'm pretty sure BOTH bowling fans will be impressed.

  • jdarren June 12, 2007


  • lickadslit June 12, 2007

    Well isn't that special!

  • big_daddy305 June 12, 2007

    I bet he COULD do that again. But that's about the extent of his talent.

  • straticus June 12, 2007


  • carnutts4sure June 12, 2007

    Hey Big_D !!!!! I was just thinking where in the hell has big-daddy been when I saw that bowling ball ! Reminded me of that bald head .........LOL How ya been man ?

  • twistatoe June 12, 2007

    Lol. I love bowling!! I can NEVER get the split shot,cause I suck!! That boy must either work there, or not have a girlfriend, if he practiced enough to do that!!

  • Greg J. June 12, 2007

    ^^^ Yah I can't imagine how long it took him to do that. I have trouble even believing he did it on purpose.

  • joecommonsense June 12, 2007

    that's the greatest sport on the earth.

  • jgimages June 12, 2007

    ^^^^^you have got to be kidding right???^^^

  • rodgtard June 12, 2007

    the first pin hit is sat out on the lane about 10 ft.still pretty cool shot. i got a patch(waa hoo!)

    for picking up a seven-ten split one time

  • stone2474 June 12, 2007

    i bet that idiot lives in that bowling alley.

  • rodgtard June 13, 2007

    every guy here awaits the response,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • crusaderrabbit June 13, 2007

    "Whenever I see something like this it makes me wonder why with all the talents humans have we still can‘t figure out how to stop the common cold." Uhh... because throwing a ball down a bowling lane is easier than conducting years of intricate scientific experiments and drug trials.

  • skoal36 June 13, 2007

    i was waiting for him to crack himself in the nads with the ball, but probably wouldnt have hurt him anyhow

  • joecommonsense June 13, 2007

    actually i had to go to a mandatory military bowling afternoon I was worried it was going to flip the switch on my sanity with no place to escape. Luckily the place served pizza and lemonaide, and there's was a hot bitch bowlin' with her booty and tities stuffed in her tight pants and shirt, helped the time go by.

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