Asshole, Asshole, Asshole!

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Greg J.
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At first I thought this video was kinda wierd and lame but once a whole mall filled with people started chanting Asshole! in unison I about lost my drink through my nose. This guy seems almost offended that anyone would question his choice of location for puking. Brilliant!

  • sleeko June 25, 2007

    they should have chanted, "Beatdown, beatdown.."

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  • dj_busta_nutt June 25, 2007

    woulda been cool if, while jerknut was leaning over the railing and heaving his guts out, someone grabbed his feet and tossed him over. then i would have spit on him while he lay twitching and dying in a puddle of his own blood and puke. i mean shit, you cant tell me there wasnt a washroom nearby. geekwad thought he was being funny......

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  • rsrmike June 25, 2007

    I second that sleeko what a fuckin prick...

    fat fuckin drunk piece of shit

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  • lickadslit June 25, 2007

    That fuck wad would have landed in his own puke

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  • big_dane June 25, 2007

    Can´t belive noone beat him up........?

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  •   rodgtard June 25, 2007

    musta been rentacops. cause a kcmo policeman,would have tasered your ass the first time he told you to lower your voice,or hands behind your is funny in a mad wack sorta way but he went to far.

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  • skinafuckerrus June 25, 2007

    someone should have learned him a lesson in flight.i agree dj.let him dangle a bit while using his feet as headphones.[sskkrccchhh]runway to gull turd expect slippery runway,hard landing eminent.

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  • sydfloyd June 25, 2007

    i'd pay to see him pushed over rail & everybody piss in his face!!!

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  • skoal36 June 25, 2007

    that fucking rap playing made me want to puke a little bit also

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  • ugotdubbed June 25, 2007

    haha he got ballz but that kinda shit deserves multiple beatdowns

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  • blood June 25, 2007

    white people = Crazy

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  • joecommonsense June 25, 2007

    its bigger than Hip, Hop, Hip, Hop, Hip, Hop...haven't heard that song in a while.

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  • jgimages June 25, 2007

    white people = asshole!! asshole!!! asshole!!!

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  •   rodgtard June 26, 2007

    jg are you still getting picked on?you know you can get your skin bleached and be just like us!

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  • jgimages June 28, 2007

    ^^^^hehe^^^^ yeah long live the brotherhood!!!!!!!!!

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  • rush October 26, 2007


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