Oh yah scissor baby! scissor!

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Greg J.
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Ok so im not even gonna pretend to know what the hell is going on here. Last time I checked getting a leglock around my neck wasn't the best thing to do on a first date. This is fun all the way up until the point where you hear the crack and don't have that nagging ability to live any more.

  • rc2james June 30, 2007


  • playwithit June 30, 2007

    enetualy his neck is gonna go POP.

  • ugotdubbed June 30, 2007

    lmao whatever this is it looks fun

  • sleeko June 30, 2007

    No fool!!! She's supposed to squeeze the other head......sheeesh....dumb fuck

  • rodgtard June 30, 2007

    he is supposed to turn his head around the other way!

  • mfaymidas June 30, 2007

    Heh heh that's my Uncle Baboo working out at the local Gym...or so his fat wife thinks

  • skinafuckerrus June 30, 2007

    my interest in cunilingus has just reached its peak.fuck me,if my first clam licking session was like that,i would be scared to go past a navel.

  • stone2474 June 30, 2007

    thats one lucky son of a bitch! crazy ass old fart

  • joecommonsense June 30, 2007

    where can i find women like this?

  • mr.comment June 30, 2007

    He must have been a Breech birth baby.

  • longheel44 July 1, 2007

    My fuckin' chiropractor don't have one of those apparatuses.

  • spearchucker July 1, 2007

    Hugh Hefner enjoying some weird kinky sex acts!

  • kpax July 1, 2007

    OK, fuck the fact that this old fuck is into shit like this! What I want to know is, where is he finding all these hot chick?!

  • lickadslit July 2, 2007

    Just please for the love of Jesus don't fart lady

  • hitman1082001 July 2, 2007

    whats the fuck are there screaming for.....man my type of woman....seeing all those flaps hanging out close up...dumb ass freaks..

  • lickasnatchie July 4, 2007

    couldn't afford a blowjob huh

  • bobbytattoo July 5, 2007

    wat the fuck???????

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